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  1. Headlights

    evening all, ive just been offered a focus but headlights dont work, is there a common fault with them atall? i have a focus that i can take parts from as myne has just died. many thanks
  2. Glow Plug Light

    is it easy to check fuel filter or is it a long process ?
  3. Glow Plug Light

    it doesnt die just wouldnt start until it stopped flashing or i turned ignition off then back on
  4. Glow Plug Light

    hi all a couple of weeks ago after topping my focus 1.8 tdci up with fuel at asda i went to start her up again and wasnt having any of it and the glow plug light started to flash when it stopped it started straight away been fine since and within two weeks its happened again twice i turned ignition off then back on and the light went out like normal and fired up fine, what could be the cause of this ? many thanks in advance
  5. hi all i recently bought a focus and the previous owner lost the key fob and i only have a normal key for it and was wondering where to go to get a key fob and is it easy to set it to my car by myself or does ford have to set it to my car, appreciate any help :)
  6. Focus Wishbone

    Thanks for your advice much appreciated will get onto it n Let you know how it goes
  7. hi all im new to this forum and would appreciate any help, ive just tryed to replace my front wishbone and the bottom bolt is a hex one and it got rounded off, has anyone got any ideas for me ? i thought of grinding it off and whacking it through or hot bottles or try getting hold of an arc welder