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  1. Hi all. I own ford focusss 2007, 1.6 tdci, 66kW, Trend, but with my own many reworking :) Something about my reworking... Instrument panel from FL model with ECO mode Black AFS headlamps with wash and HID 6000K Armrest with middle tunnel from FL model Taillamps from FL model with dark colour Heated half-leather seats AUX heater, 6CD MP3 radio, black againstun foils etc etc
  2. Focus Titanum 1,6 Tdci 2008 Eberspacher Heater

    Is there english language in instrument panel? I don´t know Swedish(?). Maybe it´s information about using of heating only and it´s OK...
  3. What In The....

    Maybe the same problem solve another topic here...
  4. After activated perimeter alarm in GEM, there will be problem with hood lock. It is necessary to get this lock with alarm function. New from dealer or old item. Or the last possibility - you can modify current lock. It´s easy... 1. You will prepare about 6cm(2,4 in) long cable and modify according to the picture. Hole 6mm(0,236 in) 2. One of the end of cable put to the hole (yellow-black cable). 3. 4. Result https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKXaM1qNgZg
  5. Microcat Update

    Both is Falcon
  6. Microcat Update

    Have you ever tried http://www.fordeurope.microcat.net/Default.aspx?Page=MidmonthUpdate ? Name and pass I can will supply. Sorry if the link is already somewhere here ...
  7. Ford Ecat

    Microcat 6/2013 http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/48474-part-number-required-for-2006-18-tdci-vacuum-pump/?p=297393
  8. Link for free download "my version" ...http://www.uloz.to/x4paLNW4/mcat06-2013-rar pass: ford_25976 Czech site, but google translate will help you ;)
  9. Can be... In home I have microcat version 6/2013, in my job I use current version of ECAT - I will recheck your post ;)
  10. Yes, I do, with no problem :)
  11. PN in microcat is 93BB-2A451-BB or 1119420.
  12. Retrofitting Ptc Heater To Mk2

    I think I have higher version of GEM, I have xxxx-xxxxx-DE version. Now I am hunting for the The circuit board(with some next components), because I am really frustrated yet(its the finally step what I think where is the the fault nad before ptc damaged) :( BTW, today my car visited the service station(ford service) and they said, that in the datalogger the the signal is OK.
  13. Retrofitting Ptc Heater To Mk2

    Yes yes, I know about the microswitch. I havenefficiency´t the circuit board with microswitch, but I have extra manual switch, whitch gives an information to the GEM. I have activated the ptc in GEM and also in instrument cluster. BUt I still have the fault B2976-0F :-( When the switch is switchen, On instrument cluster I see xy% of efficiency ptc but still havent warm air :-( What do you mean "(and some components)"? Sorry for my enghlish
  14. Retrofitting Ptc Heater To Mk2

    Hi. Have you anybody retroffited ptc with manual AC? I retrofitted ptc(exactly by guide) but ptc doesnt work :-( . Always I saw ptc combined dual AC. FF2, 1,6 tdci, 10/2007. Thanx for reply.