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  1. Ford focus washer problem

    Thanks for the reply, I have fitted a new motor, it works fine some of the time, when not working there is no sound from the pump. I am sure it’s electrical.
  2. Hi I am having a problem with the washer system, it has a intermittent fault and does not work all the time, I have changed the pump and the switch but the problem still exists, I have also tried tracing the wiring, but again I have not been able find the fault. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Regards Bob Allen
  3. Hi Peter. I hear what you are saying; I didn’t want a fight as I have mental health issues when it comes to stress. Anyway I had a chat with the garage, and he made me an offer of 50% cost of the starter motor, he was also very apologetic, and said I should have brought it in. I just did not think that it was his problem as I have had work done by him in the past with no problems. The really stupid thing was that the earth strap was very easy to get at, under the air box, the first thing to take off to get to the starter motor, hind-sight is a wonderful thing. Once again thank you for your help. Regards Bob Allen
  4. Hi Peter. Many thanks for your help. After all the testing and messing around over the last few days, it was the earth strap after all, I know I should have tried it, but I expect garages to do a professional job when they did the clutch, the one bolt that was loose was the one to the earth strap, the bolts I had to remove to get the starter motor off were very tight. It just never occurred to me that it was the earth. Now to see what the garage is prepared to do about it, having cost me time and money, I think I know the answer to that. I might have to take them to the small claim’s court. Thanks once again for your help. Regards Bob
  5. Hi Peter. Thanks again for your reply. I never even thought of the earth cable from the engine/gearbox bell housing as being the problem, I was so focused on the starter motor, I think I must have had a senior moment, it’s hard to believe that I used to work on aircraft. The thing is the gearbox was removed to renew the clutch and maybe has not been secured back properly; if I can’t find the offending cable them I will put in one and see if that works. Its 1:30 in morning and I wish I could go out and do it now. I will let you know what the outcome is. Regards Bob
  6. Hi, Could you explain that test a bit more, if possible. It sounds a bit like the motor is not pulling much current. That could be a problem with the earth connection from motor to battery, or an internal fault (brushes?) in the motor. Other that the bench test the starter motor has not worked. The earth connection is through the motor casing, there is no cable to earth. I guess that was when it was trying to crank the engine. Was the starter motor or engine turning at the time? Do you know what the battery voltage was during the test? At no time has it even tried to crank the engine, and the solenoid has not moved to my knowledge. If there was 12v across the motor, and it was not turning, the current should have been 100s of Amps, with bigger cable voltage drops than 0.2v, and a severe battery terminal voltage drop. If this huge current was not flowing, then there is a fault. As you have said there is a fault. Check the voltage between the motor casing and the battery -ve terminal. I suspect the fat cable from the engine (usually from a starter bolt) back to the battery is faulty. If it is ok, then there could be a problem with the motor, that did not show on the bench because there was no mechanical load. I will check the voltage on Sunday. There is 12 volts along the fat cable, other than that I have no way of telling if faulty or not. With the head lights on and trying to start the engine, the lights did not dim. Regards Bob
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply, yes new starter and solenoid fitted, I took it off the car when it did not cure the problem and tested it on the bench and it worked fine. I have worked on the car for the last six hours trying to find the fault, having checked the voltage at the battery and at the starter motor, I am getting about 0.2 drop in voltage at all three terminals points on the starter, different from the voltage at the battery. I did charge the battery to about 12.8 before starting work. The battery is only about a year old. Regards Bob
  8. Hi I have a 2008 1.6 tdci econetic, I had the clutch and flywheel changed a few weeks ago, and then five or six days ago the starter would not engage or turn, having rocked the car back and forward the starter then worked. However the problem got worse, to the point were the starter would not work at all, and so I changed it but still the problem persisted. I have checked all the wiring, power is getting to the starter motor and the solenoid when the key is turned, I have even taken the starter motor off and proved it works off the car. I have bump started the car a few times and it runs OK, but I don’t like doing that too often. Anybody any ideas please. Regards Bob Allen
  9. Dpf Continuous Forced Regeneration

    Just to let you know with the new MOT rules you will have to refit the dpf, you can check this out on the VOSA website.
  10. Why Can't You Fit Towbars To Econetic Focus?

    Hi I have just tried the link and it does work. Regards Bob
  11. Why Can't You Fit Towbars To Econetic Focus?

    Hi You might like to look at this, if you type in (caravan club/econetic) or click on this link http://www.caravanclub.co.uk/media/17121/SPECIAL%20Ecotour%20November%2008.pdf you will get up "Fuel For Thought" its a good read Regards Bob