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  1. Mk2 Rear Lights

    Hi there. For the last week my brake lights on both sides were not working for some reason. My upper brake light was working however. On both sides at the back, when I switch my lights on from the switch they work fine. Just no brake light (when the red light goes brighter). I decided to investigate and removed the connector from the bulb holder and sprayed them with some contact cleaner. Did nothing. Then I read online that the pins might be out of position so I decided to see if there was any movement. There are 3 pins in the bulb holder marked MIN, MAJ and GND. The MIN pin was the only pin that had movement so I pushed it in a bit. When I did this on the left side and checked it did nothing. Soon as I did it on the right side as well the brake and tail light went completely dead. All i have now at the rear is indicator and upper brake light. So my question is all I need are two new bulb holders right? Or shall I change bulbs first. Looking at the bulbs they look fine. Fuses are fine also. Thanks
  2. Looking at my haynes manual I'm sure I have the 1.6 non-ti-vct engine (100bhp) therefore I don't think I have a MAF sensor. I do however have a TMAP sensor. Should I have a look at that?
  3. I'll do the dash test and report back when I can. where is the MAF sensor located as its not on the pipe that runs from the airbox?
  4. Ok so what other reason is there for a low idle? My car is idling around 500-600rpm once warmed up. And frequently on a cold start the engine dies unless I give it some gas for a few seconds. Could it be another sensor?
  5. Want to replace my idle control valve but not sure where its located?
  6. Thanks mate. Video should be up tomorrow. I've got my cousin over so he can record it. Could it be a wheel bearing gone bad? My clutch is on its last legs also to be honest
  7. Darryl I recently serviced the car myself about 2 months ago but this problem has only started like a week or so ago. What you advise sounds to be the likely problem but I don't know if I'm competent enough to check all those things. Might have to get my mechanic on the case. Exponential, I'm not sure it's the anti roll bar mate as it happens all the time when doing slow speed 1st gear turning. The steering wheel has to be turned considerably for it to happen but not full lock. Also yesterday it happened while I was reversing. Need to get that video up so you guys can hear the noise. Thanks everyone.
  8. I'll try to post up a video in the next couple of days mate. Thanks
  9. Whenever I move off from a standstill to the left or right there is a rattling noise which seems to be coming from the front of the car. After like 2 seconds once I'm straight there's no noise at all. This has been happening for the last week or so. Doesn't happen when I do the same in reverse by the way. Any help? Thanks a lot!