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  1. glow plugs changed, relay is fine and have changed the egr valve plus re-tested the valve just to make sure its working fully. i have plugged in a code reader to try and find this fault but keeps coming up clear. Any help as to what it is? would be a big help as symbol only comes on when at motorway speed but there is no pattern to the issue it can happen once and be fine for the whole journey or can come on twice in twenty minutes be clear for an hour or two and come back on.
  2. Hi was wondering if anyone could help me my 2006 1.6tdci focus has a intermittent fault on it, when driving along at speed the red gear with the ! Comes on. So pull over turn the engine off and then turn the engine on and light has gone out. Does anyone know what is causing this! I have replaced the gearbox oil and the EGR valve but the problem is still there I have had it on a code reader and the car isn't storing any codes. It also started fine in the cold.
  3. Focus Mk2 6000Cd Stereo Problem

    I have tried the fuse with a new one but the old one was fine as i put it through a multi meter.
  4. Hi was wondering if anyone can help? My stereo has stopped working all together no display or sound the only thing working is my parrot ck3100 though i take it the parrot only uses the speakers for sound. Is there a quick fix or is it a case of buying a new unit?