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  1. Awful Smell

    thanks for all replies to my post ' smell has now gone however it may return ' going to take advice from you lot and change pollen filter and also get air con checked out . cheers and thank you
  2. Awful Smell

    thanks guys ' going to take a look at the pollen filter' air con doesn't seem to work may need filling up will get this checked out as well.
  3. Awful Smell

    Hi everyone' can anybody explain the awful smell I'm getting in my focus 1.6 climate change' smell's like sour milk and just came overnight' really really terrible smell ' been 6 days now and it doe's seem to be going however don't know where this smell came from (cat converter perhaps)
  4. Noisy Radio

    awe well glad to help Turvey, your post doe's indicate a link between auxiliary power outputs and the radio' causing interference to the signal some how. cheers
  5. Noisy Radio

    any thoughts please ' 1.6 focus climate change 2005 ' issue with the radio' FM reception is fine until I plug in the sat nav to cig socket then radio reception is very very poor AM is always poor until engine is switched off
  6. Power Steering Hose Leak

    well this could be' thanks will discuss further if leak is still there cheers all
  7. Power Steering Hose Leak

    thanks for the advice guys' have talked to my fitter again he is happy to take another look at it (know the lad well) since my last post fluid level has not changed' so maybe all is ok' unsure at this point' I will get to the bottom of this issue though' all parts were from ford and all belts changed at the same time
  8. Power Steering Hose Leak

    had hose replaced' still have leaking fluid though not has bad' my fitter has looked but could not find any leak ' losing only a small amount' just going to keep eye on fluid level
  9. Immobiliser

    thanks guys' going to try spare key (when I find it) will post back ' stoney 871 thank you ' I have tried removing ignition key for a moment or two when issue arises then restarting' red light still remains on flashing rapidly decreasing to slow flashes
  10. Immobiliser

    thoughts please' 1.6 focus 05 climate change petrol ' issue if the engine does not start the first time (usually does) I get the red light flashing (the one in between fuel/temp) upon restarting car drives ok and the light eventually stops flashing and all seems well . do I fault ?
  11. Power Steering Hose Leak

    thanks to everyone' going to get hoses fitted today' will come back with further info on completion Cheers Sixgood.
  12. Power Steering Hose Leak

    advice please' focus 1.6 zetec 5 door climate change petrol' year 2005' issue the power steering hose leaking fluid near to the alternator contaminating belt and going into the alternator' been told new hose/pipes are a dealer part only cost £85.00' had quote to fit £100.00 does the cost sound right? can you purchase part elsewhere
  13. Front Wheel Bearings

    thank you artscot79 for taking the time to reply' managed to source new wheel bearing locally £30.00 + £50/60 to fit not to unhappy with cost' cambelt and water pump/tensioner cost £250.00 again not to unhappy' going to get work done. cheers to everyone using the forum
  14. Front Wheel Bearings

    hi ' new to forum just bought focus 1.6 zetec 2005 with 84000 on the clock ' came with service history' however I'm now questioning that. To the point cam belt replacement when and how much should I pay ' think also front wheel bearings are noisy' any body know average cost for this repair . paid £2300.00 for this car Good/bad ? comment please.