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  1. Hey Members, This Is My 2002 Fiesta.

    Haha, thats very unlucky, don't want that to happen! Lol. Better hope the weather gets better then! :)
  2. Hey Members, This Is My 2002 Fiesta.

    I am leaning towards doing it, ahh well the rain is not a problem as I have a garage I can do it in :D
  3. Hey Members, This Is My 2002 Fiesta.

    I certainly will :)
  4. Hey Members, This Is My 2002 Fiesta.

    Thanks :) yeah well having a week off means ill have plenty of time to get it right :) if I finally decide I want to do it -.- haha
  5. Hey Members, This Is My 2002 Fiesta.

    Do I? Don't I? Will be going all the way across.. open to ideas with it though?
  6. Hey Members, This Is My 2002 Fiesta.

    Haha, I've not long started her, this weekend the alloys will be being sprayed black, trims are being sprayed too, saving up for an induction kit + a new exhaust just need alittle time to save for that :P will be lowered at some point too :)!
  7. Shes not much but shes my baby!
  8. my baby

  9. can't wait to get alloys painted this weekend!