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  1. steveywonder

    Ivd/traction Control/abs

    Found the answer. It has traction control but is used as part of ABS. Its all one system. Also the small floor consol is really just the cup holder.
  2. I want to know if my focus 2008 has traction control so I have been on the Ford ETIS website and have seen all the spec with the Vin number. Only problem is that is sayes that I have IVD/Traction Control/ABS. So with that all in one line of the spec what does it mean? Does it mean that it is automatic so comes on when it feels it needs to like in snow etc or what? Also in spec it sayes I have a small floor console. Anyone know what that is? Thanks in advance
  3. steveywonder

    Water Leak In Rear Of Focus Estate Boot

    The water seems to come in from the roof. I have checked under the black strips on the roof and I have checked this by running my hand under the roof lining, it is all bone dry. I have read that it could be coming in from the welds on the tailgate hindges I cant see any problem like any crack on the welds and when I touch around the back of the hindges it seems to be dry so again I am completly lost as to where it can be coming in. I have checked the rear lights and seems ok but have sealed up around the silly foam gasket and around the screws but as i say it dosnt seem to be coming in there. Has anyone else had this problem. I would like to give to Fords and ask them to sort but would dread the price. I dont mind paying though. If there is a national company that would take it on then would be great but if someone knows what it could be then I woould spend the weekend fixing it
  4. I have a leak in the rear of my 2008 focus estate. I know its coming from the top, I have removed the lining and felt around under the black roof strips and it is bone dry. I have felt around behind the hinges and again bone dry. It leaks out on the side by the top of the lights but I cant trace it to where it is coming in. It is driving me nuts as it rains a lot and it is pouring in.At the moment I have stuffed old towels in all the holes and packed it tight in the hope of stopping it. I am even thinking of using some foam expander and fill up every hole. I have spent 3 days trying to located this and now feel like selling the car which till now I really like. Can anyone please help, Has anyone had the same problem Cheers Steve