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  1. Auto headlights not working

    It's a 2011 Sport
  2. Auto headlights not working

    I will try that at the weekend when I really have some time
  3. Auto headlights not working

    Since I replaced a blown fuse for my drivers side headlight, my auto headlights don't work and also I have lost the chime for headlights left on Is there a fuse for this?
  4. headlight drivers side

    have swopped the bulbs over and it looks like its the fuse as the bulb that wasn't working now works in the other side. Now to work out which fuse it is
  5. headlight drivers side

    yes all bulbs on that side work ok, you maybe right as to the bulb. I will swap them over tomorrow and see what happens Thanks for replying
  6. headlight drivers side

    yesterday the drivers headlight stopped working, no problem I thought. Having replaced the bulb it still doesn't work,the passenger side is ok Are these bulbs fused separately? and if so are the fuses inside the car under the glove box or under the bonnet? Anybody else had this problem and if so how did you deal with it?
  7. Service oil warning light

    Oil Warning now reset using gas and brake pedal
  8. Service oil warning light

    Will try that, I may have been doing it wrong by pressing clutch and brake
  9. Service oil warning light

    yes all doors shut
  10. Service oil warning light

    I have a service oil warning light coming on whenever I start the car. I have tried the clutch and brake pedal solution for removing it but to no avail. Does this warning signify some sort of problem or is it just a timing thing for an oil change? The model is a 1.6 TDCI Focus Sport
  11. Washer Jets

    The problem is solved, it seems that in the past a new windscreen had been fitted and when it was done they trapped the heated washer wires against the bonnet hinge and over the years it wore the cable
  12. Washer Jets

    Auto electrician coming on Wednesday, so we will see
  13. Washer Jets

    After having replaced the pump and the switch, the car still blows the 15 amp fuse as soon as I turn the ignition on. Have called an auto electrician to see if he can come to the route of the problem
  14. How To Remove Stalk

    How do I go about removing the wiper stalk on a 2011 focus (2.5)? I have taken the cover off the top and can see a small torx screw on the side at the top,does this nee to be removed? I have been having problems with my wiper jets not working (see previous post) Thanks in advance
  15. Washer Jets

    Sonic 113 The fuse blows when I try the front washers. I have blown 3 so far