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  1. You have to have all you body check stamps upto date I have the same problem on a 5 year old car Ford's just rust thats all there is to it the metal is cheap and the paint finish poor I also have rust along the bottom door seal water has got in behing the metal crease, at 5 years old. With the mechanical problems I have had with mine I won't but another Ford again either.
  2. Thanks I ordered some generic A/C cleaner off Amazon, will see how it goes.
  3. Hi my second thread today. When I put the cabin fans on either with of without A/C it gives a pungent eggy smell any ideas. I'm hoping to sell the car asap and so this kind of needs sorting. I replaced the cabin/pollen filter only a year ago so it can't be that dirty yet, I noticed the smell after washing the car and wonder if it could be water ingress? Any thoughts would be very helpful, Thanks, Matthew
  4. Hi I had ago at replacing the lower arms last weekend and have two problems firstly the torque pinch bolt head holding the ball joint knuckle in place disintegrated I was using the right size torque socket but it just ate it. So any ideas on removing this now would be most welcome the bolt was very tight. Secondly after removig the otherside I found I couldn't get the new arm to sit right at the back and couldn't get it to go low enogh to get the bolt through the whole. the parts are pattern and not Ford but look right it appears that the rear bushes are just alot stiffer than the ones I took off. A friend suggested putting them in hot water, will this work or do I need to pay 4 times the amount for Ford ones? Any advise greately appreciated. Thanks, Matthew
  5. Thanks I'll have a look tonight if my wife brings it back in daylight
  6. Thanks what does the anti roll bar look like is it the tubular section that goes from one side to the other? If so the bushes near the centre of it looked fine if a bit dry but I will have another look at my photos to see if the bushes at the bar extremities are okay.
  7. Yeah the heat shield didn't seem to move much the exhaust had a bit of movement in it but I don't think its enough. Its difficult to tell though. Yeah I'm hoping to get £3K for the car it has FSH a new clutch, alternator, gear linkage, front springs, clutch release bearing, discs (brembo) and pads (ferrodo) and a pair of new Bridgestones on the front. All that expenditure in one year! Plus I have to replace both lower arms now and if I keep it till the end of the year the cambelt will be due... I hope its just the heat shield but it has been gettiing worse over the last few weeks
  8. Hi all, There appears to be a ratling noise that seems to come from the rear of the Focus I have removed everything from the boot and it was still there. Jacked it up and removed the wheels for a good look round underneath and there are no obviously split bushes or anything. I took photos that I can post though in case I was missing something. I know that the front lower arem ball joint bushes have gone both sides but the noise does appear to be coming from the rear or could it just be the noise traveling down the chassis from the front bushes? Any advice gratefully recieved at the rate I'm going with the Focus it won't be long before I replaced most of the car Any one interested in a 2005 MK1 Focus 1.6 Zetec with 92K (wishful thinking)
  9. I've noticed a difference on my Garmin in several cars my Megane, my wifes Focus and a horrid Kia Carens hire car my Megane was out the most and the difference gets higher with speed my Sat nav reads 70 at about 75 on the speedo in the Megane (it is 10 years old). After considering it for a while I though it may be setup to accomodate for different speedo viewing angles. As I have noticed a collegues C4 with a digital dash is spot on. The angle at which you set the seat up and the seat height could in theory effect the angle at which you view the needle on mechanical speedos so perhaps they are compensating (in the Megane I have to tilt the seat base down at the back due to being 6'1", which would affect the speedo viewing angle more than the other cars). Or perhaps I am just giving the car manufacturers too much credit and the mechanical speedo's are just inaccurate.
  10. Is this the Diesel or petrol. On my petrol 1.6 the last tank managed 36mpg finally but 75% of that was long (over a hour)motorway and A road journeys. The previous three tanks returned 33mpg ( a mixture of motorway and town) I have yet to refill since I have replaced the brake discs and pads but so far the fuel gauge is indicating levels to suggest 33mpg, still this is better than the 26mpg my wife was getting before Christmas.
  11. mcouchard

    Tow Bars

    Yeah that sounds about right the other option is to buy the parts and do it yourself if you are lucky you might find a towbar at a scrap yard for about £60 try parts gateway for this:
  12. No that won't work as the fob is individually programmed for the car. Are you sure you only have one key do you not have the standard key as well without the buttons but a blue marking? If not you will need to get a new key and get it programmed for the car it was £40 to buy and program an old Fiesta one but I was told to program Focus keys costs in excess of £100. If you do have the other slimmer key with the blue marking it is the master and you can use it to reprogram a new key.
  13. Okay thanks, well I'll have a look this evening and see if its a job I can do myself first, before buying any parts.
  14. No it's last of the Mk1's 54 plate registered 2005.
  15. Thanks, does that include VAT and postage? My dealer said Ford don't sell the ball joints seperately.