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  1. Thanks for the help everyone. As per above I disconnected the maf sensor and was able to reset using forscan Dpf values now at 0.2kpa idle, so a huge reduction.
  2. Thanks to both for you for the help. I'll test this method and report back. Thanks, Sam.
  3. Hi all, I have a Ford ford focus 2008 1.6tdci I had the fault code p242f-61 - Ash accumulation. I purchased and fitted a new dpf today yet the fault code remains despite my best efforts to reset it with forscan. I even reset dpf learned values. Any idea how I can get the fault code to clear? Thanks in Advance, Sam.
  4. Thanks for the response. I got the multi meter out and found the battery +ve terminal was loose :/ Reconnected this and then jump started the car and everything is working again with no warning lights. Everything except the lights, going to take them out in the morning as its getting dark now, prehaps them constantly flickering on and off blew them. :( Thanks all.
  5. Hi, The problem has grown, this morning the car wouldn't start. Electrics flashing on and off. Also the ABS and Traction control lights are a permanent feature on the dash. Any suggestions? Seems to be much more than a faulty light.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'll check it out ASAP and report back Also I should note that when the crackling happens the cars Abs and traction control light on the speedo flashes up as well.
  7. Hi all, I have a Ford focus titanium 58 plate 1.6tdci This evening whilst a sort of crackling sound appeared to come from the glove box. Did a round of checks and everything seemed to be fine. Later on a car adjacent to me told me just my side lights were on. The bulbs are definitely fine so any suggestions as to where I could look as I now cannot drive at night unless I put my full beam on. Many thanks in advance
  8. Hi no pictures unfortunately, Yes i put the bulb on the outlet to the fuel filter until i drew bubble free fuel. Bubble free fuel being vital. The bulb acts as non-return valve so the fuel will spray out the opposite end and air won't be able to get in. As said before PTFE tape is essential to make sure the bulb is sealed to the outlet of the filter to ensure you can draw a vacuum, thus being able to suck the fuel through the line. After 2 starts the engine worked. Since replacing the fuel filter the engine hasn't cut out once. A very simple job which could of turned out to be a nightmare without the bulb. That's Indispensable.
  9. Job Complete! :) A big thanks to jeebowhite for his advice. Heres my advice after completing the job: When completing the job do not fill the filter full of fuel. Instead stick to strictly using the hand-held vacuum pump. I used the one from the previous post, however you do need PTFE tape on the hand-held vacuum pump in order to create the seal with the outlet of the filter. Once fuel is being discharged from said pump without signs of any bubbles the car will then start. (Did on my 2nd attempt) Make sure you leave 30 seconds between each start. I tried filling the filter and then starting to no avail. I then used the full filter with the vacuum pump. Again to no avail. I then emptied the filter and created a vacuum which forced fuel through the outlet of the fuel filter and the car started second time. It started first time, then the engine cut out after 10 seconds. It then started 2nd time. This worked for me, it may not work for you and do take care as the hand-held vacuum pump i used is for low pressure systems.
  10. I did see that but saw that item on here: That's why i went for it. Was just thinking would priming it with that or filling it with diesel be better? Or do both?
  11. Okay i ordered for priming of the system. I have a pipette, so I will use that and i also have diesel spare :). I'll attempt it tomorrow and report back here! Cheers.
  12. Hi thanks I brought a Crosland Premium Fuel Filter. Looking to replace it now. I've also brought a 6mm fuel primer bulb to bleed the air from the system. I will do this from the outlet of the fuel filter. However i've been advised to fill the fuel filter with diesel first. Any advice on how to do this?
  13. Just looking at ordering it now. Any recommendations as to which one as they vary between £10-40. Would it matter so much if i went for a cheap one, or is something like this worth going all out on?
  14. Thanks for the response. I've ordered a new housing and will fit when it arrives. I'll report back here with the result. Cheers.
  15. Good Morning Everyone, I own a ford focus titanium 1.6tdci 58 reg. It has done 91k miles. The car has been running fine until recently... If i accelerated off the line in gear one with roughly 25-30k revs the engine would cut out. I.e. putting my foot on the accelerator would do nothing. A sudden loss of power with no engine warning lights coming on. If i switched off the engine and immediately turned it back on the car would start again. I replaced the fuel filter and air inlet filter as good measure. The problem was then eradicated. It no longer loses power at lower speeds. I also took it for a service as they have the ability to flush through the system. The oil was also replaced with Castrol oil and engine coolant topped up. However, 2 days ago whilst driving on the m6 in the 3rd lane doing around 70mph the same thing happened and i had to drive across to the hard shoulder with what momentum the car had left. I then started the car again and it worked and i drove at 60 all the way home From a visual inspection of the car i've noticed #2 injector has caused the inlet manifold around it to melt slightly. I believe the HP pipe was causing the leak, i have torqued the nut and no more leaks. I'm averaging around 58mpg which leads me to believe that this isn't causing any problems. From revving the car i can see no signs of any leaks or any abnormalities. I have also used the ford diagnostic tool and my car has no fault codes The turbo seems to be working fine and kicks in as it should. I'm not entirely sure what the problem could be so i thought id post here to see if anyone else has had this issue before i start taking off components. I.e. wheres the best place to start If any more information would be helpful please ask. Many Thanks in advance.