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  1. Normal Engine Cooling Fan Operation

    thanks for your replies, I don't have any coolant leaking from anywhere, the heater in the car heats up nice, and when the needle on the gauge gets to the middle it tends to stick there, so think maybe it coud be as jeebowhite says , maybe the car is doing a regen on the dpf, ford had a look and said everything is normal, I wonder if that will change when the warranty has expired lol. it doesn't do it all the time, the fans just seem to randomly come on not long after start up , on a longer journey it is fine, thanks for your thoughts :)
  2. hi im new to the club and forums, so I will fire of with a quick one, i have a 09 cmax 1.6tdci 110 dpf, what i have found is that on a short journey whilst the engine is still cold,(temperature needle not at the normal position), the radiator fan comes on , is this normal, i should say also that the aircon is off. did take it back to ford and they said its fine , but i am just in for a bit of piece of mind or see whether anyone else has the same experience, thanks in advance