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  1. Jules9143

    New Mondeo Clutch pedal spring

    I took car to dealer for service and mentioned it, turns out it is a helper spring very weak and seem to make no difference to the clutch pedal only noticed it as it was dangling near my feet.
  2. Hi, I have a new Mondeo with a broken spring hanging down from the clutch pedal, it's to week to be a returm spring and i am unable to find the other end of the spring and i am at a loss as to what the spring could be for. Regards Jules
  3. Jules9143

    Bonnet Release Cable Snapped

    It is a two man job as it comes in from behind the carpet to the release handle to gain access, you will need to remove the passenger plastic trim from around the door seal and fold the carpet back until you uncover the hole it comes through. I also found easier to remove the large electrical connector with the metal clamps to gain access to the hole in question. then one person pushing it through from engine bay and the other in the foot well to pull it through. Shocking design, routing and not an quick job. Regards Jules
  4. Jules9143

    Bonnet Release Cable Snapped

    No i haven't as the new cable now comes with a rubber boot over the elbow to stop this happening again. Regards Jules
  5. Jules9143

    Roof Bars - Lost Mounting Bracket

    Hi Stephen,Thierry, I have a similar problem in that my domed shaped pads in the fitting have split and cannot find any parts to replace, I know this is of no help but i am looking at replacing the whole system withthe Thule units as they are replacable, costly but in the long term best option i have found so far. There are some full systems ford genuine on E-bay at the mo if you can get them cheap enough might be only help. Regards Jules
  6. Jules9143

    Bonnet Release Cable Snapped

    Hi all, New member, thanks for the above advice helped alot, I would just like to add that if you have the 2.2 TCDi then this is a lot harder job as there is a air charge cooler, in the way and the horn mounted at the right hand end of the cooler. It is a bit of a git to remove, but straight forward job to do with very little mechanical knowledge. Took me 3 hours to do it in all, once cooler removed there is the air intake above it which makes life hard to gain access to the bolts mentioned above as it is clipped in on top, bottom and both sides, but again straight forward enough and I have big hands recomend using a 10mm rachet spanner once losened of by ratchet to allow better access ( and to reduce the swearing and spanner rash ) Top tip before refitting remove your head lights ( 2 x Screws and 1 x Cable ) to allow better access to the hoses at either end of the cooler back together in 30 mins much easrier. In all easy job for a mornings work and for £22 for the cable and to save £130 labour charge :) , but if you have access to ramps or a pit that would be much better than using a curb as i think removal of the cooler would be a big swearing job, at least portable car ramps to allow better ground clearance.