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  1. Anyone got any ideas on this one please?. Engine starts fine from cold,but when for example I stop at lights the revs increase to around 1500/1800 for a few seconds as I put foot on clutch, and then drop to around 700 as it should be. This will happen only for about a mile until the engine is warmed up and then it's fine and idles normally. Thanks.
  2. fatgeezer

    Any Idea What It Is

    I just changed the air filter on my '99 1,8 petrol. I noticed that there was a stray green wire that looks as if it's supposed to go on the white plastic thing that is located behind the distributor cap. I've obviously tried to re-install it but the tiny metal connector on the end of the wire doesn't stay fixed to the white thing. Engine runs whether the wire is connected or not with no warning lights on the dash. What is the white plastic thing please,and will it do any harm to run it without the wire on?. The green wire just disappears into the loom.
  3. fatgeezer

    Power Steering Fluid

    The steering has been slightly 'notchy' on my MK1 recently. I've checked the tyres and they seem OK. When I put my finger in the power steering fluid reservoir,the fluid seemed a bit 'gritty' and a slightly brown colour. I want to change the fluid,but can't find this Mercon V stuff anywhere that seems to be the only stuff to use. Will any old ATF do the job as with most other cars I've had,or would that be asking for trouble?. Also is the turkey baster method of sucking out the old fluid really good enough?. I planned to do it again a couple of weeks after the original change. Cheers.
  4. fatgeezer

    Brake Fluid Reservoir

    Is there not supposed to be a couple of screws that hold the reservoir to the body?. Just noticed that mine was hanging off and was getting a bit too close to the engine for comfort. No sign of any screws though that would go through the two lugs at the top. Can you get them from Ford?.
  5. fatgeezer

    Blower Speed Switch Replacement.

    Oh well,I'll have a go at it tomorrow. Thanks for your interest.
  6. Ever since I purchased my '99 MK1 Focus,the heater blower switch has been in the glove box!. The blower itself is permanently on no.2 position so at least I've had something. It's about time I remedied this situation. The switch seems complete with the black connector on the back. Obviously the centre console and radio will have to be removed to replace the switch as the back of the switch is too fat to fit through the hole in the console. I have no idea whether the switch is good or not,but there is only one way to find out. It may well be a replacement one. Do I need any special tools to do this job?. I don't want to start the job only to find that I need something I don't have. Ta.
  7. fatgeezer

    Strange One This

    I've just been out to try and replicate the problem,but of course it won't do it now. Perhaps I was inadvertently pressing the ' unlock tailgate' button on the key when I was starting it. Doh!.
  8. fatgeezer

    Strange One This

    I'm having problems with the tailgate on my MK1 estate in that it will open of it's own accord. I can leave it overnight and it won't open,but more often than not when I start her up,the tailgate will open. I don't mean open fully but just unlocks and once moving will rattle and of course the 'door open' light comes on. The car doesn't have to move anywhere,just sitting on the drive with the engine running will do it. Water ingress?. Fob problem?.
  9. fatgeezer

    Think I'm In For A New Battery....

    Blimey.Just checked the battery that's on the car,and it is way smaller than the correct one. Can't find a number on it but it's certainly not the right one at 200mm long,when it should be 240mm. That won't help!.
  10. .....every time I start her up now,she goes through this 'test'routine where all the gauges go to maximum briefly before returning to normal. Apparently a silver calcium battery is the way to go. Anyone ordered from this lot?.http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-PETROL-car-battery-1-6-1-8-2-0-MODELS-075-60ah-/200960773310?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&has Seems very cheap,but it is an 075 silver calcium with 4 years warranty.What do you think.
  11. I must admit I'm quite impressed with the old nail after our first month together. Got an additional key made up reasonably cheap and tarted her up with some new wheel centre caps!. The front offside mudflap fell off before I had a chance to nail it back on properly,but there wasn't one on the nearside anyway so now it matches. Next thing to fix is the blower control - it's in the glove box,complete with what looks like the switch on the back of it which won't fit back through the resulting hole.Luckily the blower is set to position 2,so I can just alter the temperature switch accordingly. I'm not sure if anything is actually broken in there,so I'll have to get my little mechanic man to have a gander before I go and order anything. Looks like the whole console with radio would have to come out to fix this.But more important I suppose is to sort the possible battery problem as explained in the 'Flickering needles' thread. Other than that she has been very reliable (shouldn't have said that!) comfortable and economical. She's not going to break any land speed records,but that's not why I bought her.So far - so good,for £500.
  12. fatgeezer

    Dashboard Dials Flickering On Engine Start

    I've recently noticed that when I start mine up.all the needles on the gauges go to maximum briefly then drop back to normal. Doesn't happen all the time,but I think they do tend to do it when it is/has been raining. Only had it a month so don't know how old battery is. Will get it tested.
  13. fatgeezer

    Wheel Nut/bolt Torque

    Hmmmm...so it could be 90 or 95 or 130 and my local tyre people say 110. Think I may go for 100 and recheck after a few days!!.Thanks for replies.
  14. fatgeezer

    Wheel Nut/bolt Torque

    Lots of conflicting information on the internet about the torque setting for a MK1 Focus with standard alloy wheels. Any ideas?.
  15. fatgeezer

    Locking Wheel Nut/bolts - Verify These Please.

    Hmmm two replies and two different answers!. Guess I'll have to take a chance and order them anyway.Thanks guys.