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  1. Focus Keeps Cutting Out / No Power

    Thanks so much for all your info - will look into what you said, don't fancy doing the live wire but hopefully now someone seems to know what the codes mean I can get the problem solved. Haha you're right, the door isn't a massive issue but again, appreciate the help - with all the B codes someone actually recommended just replacing the battery and see what happens though I think it was more of a guess.
  2. Focus Keeps Cutting Out / No Power

    Thanks alot for your reply! "Door lock and door ajar warning aren't major - I guess one of your doors doesn't lock with central locking?" Correct. "PNP is the park/neutral switch for an auto or may mean clutch switch for manual I think. Is yours an auto?" It's manual Funnily enough the same garage replaced the fuel pump just over a year ago....
  3. EDIT: Forgot to mention it's a MK1 1.6 Petrol. I took it to a garage who have given me the fault codes and what they mean but said they dont know how to fix them which is odd! It starts and idles fairly rough then after a few minutes the engine will cut out, pressing the accelerator has no effect most times (no increase in revs). It started off showing these symptoms when first starting the car and trying to pull away after which it would be fine but it has got progressively worse. Based on suggestions I have put new filters in, replaced spark plugs which to be fair had seen better days and I have just changed the speedo speed sensor. Attached is the notes the garage gave me with the fault codes - can anyone shed light on what needs doing to fix it?
  4. Change Start Position Of Heater Dial?

    Well thanks for all the help guys, looks like it was a waste in the end!
  5. Change Start Position Of Heater Dial?

    I assume you mean from the heater control unit, not the back of the dial? I will have a look
  6. Change Start Position Of Heater Dial?

    Or if it's plastic....? (it is plastic)
  7. Change Start Position Of Heater Dial?

    they only fit in one way as there is a star shape and one flat edge so it cant go in any other way......I take it that its not possible to adjust the start positions?
  8. Change Start Position Of Heater Dial?

    Thats as far left and right as i can turn the dial
  9. I bought replacement dials for the heater controls managed to get the first one off (fan speed) by prising with a screwdriver now the problem is that the dials can only go on one way and the new one points to 0 when it's 4 then blank plastic for the others (3,2,1,0) - can you change the start position of the plastic bit connected to the heater unit? Or do I have to put up with it pointing to the wrong number / no number? Also I'm really struggling to get the middle dial (temperature) and end dial (where the air is pointing) off... Managed to snap a piece off but not pull them out so any tips there would be appreciated. Thanks, tess
  10. Fuel Pump Fuse

    Thanks guys, may not be able to look into this until the weekend but appreciate the input!
  11. Fuel Pump Fuse

    The wiring referred to by the above
  12. Fuel Pump Fuse

    stupid question but where do i look for the wiring?
  13. Fuel Pump Fuse

    it's a 2001 1.6 LX I'm aware there was a recall on them briefly but assume this was never done.
  14. Fuel Pump Fuse

    It's petrol - wouldn't have the first clue where to look so any pointers appreciated?
  15. Fuel Pump Fuse

    So are you saying it is the pump that needs replacing or where would I begin with finding the true fault?