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  1. Terrible Grand C-Max

    Ours has been completely reliable, sorry to hear the problems you are having, but we do have one thing in common - a dead spider in e reversing light!
  2. Things Couldn't Get Any Worse....

    Sorry to hear all your bad luck hope they fix the roof as soon as they can, at least it will be nice and clear and hopefully more supple than the old one so it will last you. Look on the bright side though, at least it's winter and so you can't enjoy the car at its best with the roof down - imagine if it had coincided with our usual two weeks of summer!
  3. My Boot Won't Open!

    Could try getting someone to push down and pull up on the boot as you turn the key, find ours sometimes won't release first time using the remote but this solves it and saves going into the car to unlock it manually. Just a thought worth trying?
  4. yes, it's a similar noise that our Stretka makes which I was told was wear in the water pump., although you can hear this with the bonnet open, but could be down to different positioning of the water pump possibly on the bigger engines. Ours has done it for last 3yrs and 10k miles not got any worse to be honest.
  5. Not sure if you have had no replies because people cant get the link yo work, each time I try it it defaults to adverts then fires up advert pages and jams up my ipad! However, from your description it could be the water pump, ours has been doing it for last three years without issue. Quitens down when engine is hotter. If you get a long screwdriver or metal pole and put it on different parts of the engine and your ear to the other end, you might be able to tell where it's coming from better.
  6. Could be one of the cells in the battery has died, had this before, it was okay to power the relatively low current drain of accessories, but when hit with the power needs of a starter motor produced nothing. Might just worth seeing if you can get a battery off another car if it will just fit in the space for a few seconds and try again to be sure.
  7. Adjusting Door Glass On Streetka

    Not done it myself, but here is a guide http://workshop-manuals.com/ford/streetka_2003.5_01.2003-07.2005/mechanical_repairs/5_body_and_paint/501_body_and_paint/501-11_glass_frames_and_mechanisms/description_and_operation/diagnosis_and_testing/general_procedures/door_window_glass_adjustment_convertible/
  8. Ford Streetka Roof Rattle

    Ours has same thing, I think it may be a small rivet or something that has come loose and rolls around, it's not too irritating though, but I did wonder if I put a small magnet on the bar, that it might stop it moving?
  9. Our Steetka failed MOT on Anti-Roll bar bushes, the rattle that we had previously then disappeared.
  10. Streetka Hardtop Brackets

    Can't quite remember what the top bolt does -I usually keep adjusting both until the rattling stops! However there will always seem to be a gap between the metal of the hardtop and the car as the rubber seal sits inside a little and this is what touches the car.
  11. Bought A Streetka

    I managed to spray paint both the grilles without removing them with satin black paint. Just undid the top bumper screws an pulled bumper away enough to squeeze some card behind to mask off the radiator, and similar making for lower grille, then just masked around edge and sprayed like that. Looked perfect and only took 30 mins.
  12. Advice! Purchasing A Street Ka

    I don't think there is anything particularly out of the ordinary to look out for that would cause any serious worries that you would not look out for on any used car of that mileage. I would check that the heater works hot and cold, although a new control valve isn't a big job to replace. Air con working was a bit hit and miss on the ones I looked at. Wheels can buckle quite easily, so check for any knocks on the inside particularly. Rust is no where the issue it is with the regular Ka, just play close attention to the bottom of the doors. You already know about the door handles. As it's going to be cold tomorrow, be very careful dropping the roof as the plastic screen can crak if not careful.
  13. It does seem like a very low geared close ratio box, but I have never noticed ours making any noise though.
  14. Streetka Hardtop

    Not sure if you have searched on Google, but I have come across this, not a diagram but a description of what fits. http://www.justanswer.com/uk-ford/46vft-ford-street-ka-hi-find-instructions-diagramme.html
  15. Probably not much help unless you can get a workshop manual, but the Winter Editions have a cable that comes through into the boot that you pull to release the cover when you have removed the hardtop, as the recommendation when the hardtop is in place, is to disconnect the solenoid to incase the release switch gets pressed accidentally. When I have pulled on the cable before, it feels like a mechanical connection to the clips. Sorry I can't check for you, as the hardtop is on now for the winter.