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  1. Focus Engine Transplant

    Thanks for all the advice guys, in answer to some of the replies, the engine and fitting is already paid for, the guy is actually a close friend who has the workshop etc, and has a ready source of new and used parts available to him through his family. (His brother runs a performance tuning workshop), admittedly this is for Fiats......Performance there?) LOL. As for getting an ST, the Focus is for my Mrs, and an ST whilst a great car for me, would be too much for her......her words not mine guys.... Cambelt and clutch kits are there with him, as are new leads, plugs filters etc, along with a supply of magnatec oil, though not sure if that is good for the engine or not...... Regards Pete
  2. Focus Engine Transplant

    Thanks for the info JW, I have spoken to him, and he will change the box and shafts as well, only an extra 80 quid for the box.....sounds ok to me. Regards Pete
  3. Focus Engine Transplant

    Thanks for the replies guys..... As I say, I had my doubts about his claims to be able to do the transplant.....sounds like a mare of hassle and ludicrous expense......Unless he wants to pay for the mods himself lol. I have found another zetec engine, only this is a 2.0 l.......would this make much difference, apart from the hassle of notifying the dvla nutters about the change? Regards Pete
  4. What To Get Dad For Christmas?

    I gotta say guys, families can be really hard work.......personally, I think your friends are the family would choose given the option..... I got my Dad a burglar alarm cos the old feller has got everything lol.....
  5. Focus Engine Transplant

    Hey guys, I realise this is probably old hat to you guys, but it's kinda new to me. My Mrs blew the lump on her 2003 1.8 Focus zetec..... We had a second hand lump put in, which came out of a 2002 which had been rear ended and written off as uneconomical to repair, but was running great, only 57 thousand on the clocks...Saw the car driving, heard the engine running etc. When the engine was put into ours, it developed a rather nasty grinding noise, so out it came....turns out the chap had dropped a washer into one of the plug holes and subsequently ruined the barrel.....Now, the question is this.... He has a 1.8 Duratec out of a 2006 car there, which he says he can make fit...... I, however, have my doubts about this... Can it be done, would the wiring match up, would any mountings/cross members need removing, would the brakes be need upgrading, as I beleive the Duratec has more power than the Zetec? Any and all views/opinions/expert know how is very welcome... Thanks guys, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a great new year. Regards Pete
  6. Word Game

    Pain killer
  7. Word Game

    ship aground
  8. Things I Don't Like

    I don#t like high winds when 40 foot up on a roof repairing damaged ridge tiles........high degree of brown trouserism as I rapidly slid backward toward the end of the roof, ably assisted by a 60mph gust of wind............Yikes!!
  9. Word Game

    Adjusted differentials
  10. Word Game

    windscreen shattered
  11. Word Game

    happy hardcore
  12. Word Game

    sharpening stone
  13. Word Game

    fence delineation
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Not sure how accurate it is on fords, but my spare car, (Saab 95 2.3 se turbo), has a super accurate one......if it says ten miles left, I can categorically state (from hard earned and bitter experience), there is ten miles left in the tank lol......never had that problem in the focus though, which is our daily driver
  15. Word Game

    side pannier