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  1. Sorry to reignite an old thread. Just returned to the club/a focus MK4 after a 3 year hiatus and want to get auto lock enabled (remember having to do this on my old Mk2.5 via ELMConfig). Any idea if you must have an extended license to do this, when trying to access the config of any module (eg bodycm) I getting that I need to have an extended license, but other stuff I have read indicates you shouldn't need one. TIA
  2. Yeah I have the cash and wanna buy outright, that was 12k, my max is 14k. Don't really want HP/pcp. Looking at various options including focus zetec s 1.5 ecoboost and seat Leon 1.8 tsi fr, not much else takes my fancy.
  3. I want an st, but I am now weary of used sts
  4. Update: Took the issue to ADR mediation and dealer has finally agreed to take the car back as they have had it for over 3 weeks without a fix, apparently it had 2 oil leaks one which they fixed but another one too. Awaiting a refund. Doesn't look like they want to admit it had issues when I bought it tho! But who cares! Going to be carless for a while now though
  5. Well yeah I would agree, I don't think they would tell me if they had, but I don't really have a clue who or where it is being looked at. Very little trust if any with them to be fair. Key thing for me at the moment is trying to return the car and starting again. Obviously they don't want to do this but my aeguement is the leak had been there for some time and if it had manifested or I had noticed itself earlier (before 30 days) I would have returned the car and asked the same.
  6. Its a used car from a Toyota dealer. To be fair I am trying to keep a written trail via email, as we all know verbal doesn't really mean much. A lot of not responding when they said they would and the dealer principle is always "away from the centre", if this is the case they need to learn to use an out of office assistant on their emails! They have given me a loan car, and seem to think this takes all the inconvenience out of it for me.
  7. So this is the funny thing so they said (after 12 days) they thought it was the turbo/intercooler so have been investigating this, there is no problem there. Then they have come back and said they believe it to be a simple issue of the seal on the oil filter. The thing is the turbo is up high at the back of the engine and the oil filer is low down at the front, so why would you start taking apart/investigating the turbo which is obviously more time consuming and expensive to do, rather than starting with an oil after. Also it would be clear (especially with how much oil was leaking) whether it was coming from the turbo at the back, or the oil filter at the front. I don't believe I am getting the full story.
  8. Update on the car. After just under a month I started to smell an oil burning smell, didn't think too much about it at first, however it got worse over a week or so. After further investigation, I found the car was leaking a large amount of oil and evidently had been for a while and it had got worse and had been masked by the engine undertray. To cut a long story short the car was returned to the dealer 2 weeks ago on the 04/06 and they still have not resolved the issue. They advised they would looks at the car and fix under warranty, however I have requested to return the car for a refund. They are saying the issue was not present when they took delivery of the car, which of course I dispute. They have gone from telling me nothing about the issue for 12 days, to providing me with some non logical disgnoses of the problem. Very reluctant to converse in writing etc. Basically tt all a bit of a mare and very disappointing !!
  9. You need to read the codes, it could mean many things.
  10. Bit more vinyl, this time on the bottom of the front bumper. I think I will redo as it was only a first attempt
  11. Yes, in theory it is just like a daisy chain
  12. I just got these for my st, only 2.40 for 2 and come with the t10 adapters. Took about 8 days to come from hongkong http://m.ebay.com/itm/360527973287?_mwBanner=1
  13. Only about 20-25 quid. I will be selling that soon when I finally move my mk 2.5 on.
  14. 48 smd led panel is easiest. On my mk2.5 I used one of these and looks good, but that was just one sided but you could easily run a wire from the existing wiring over to the other side
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