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  1. 2010 Ka Problems Just After Warranty

    update, car booked in to be look at to diagnose the problem Thursday morning. so i can only assume at the moment that its free until they say how to fix it and what its costs them. i then assume as the warranty ran out over the weekend (the lady on the phone told me) i will get a 'goodwill' of lets say 60% as i think thats fair but im going for more. so il get on the phone sone to trading standards and see what they say im willing to get and see how i get on! The thing that gets me is, you buy a newer car for peace of mind. but my 55 plate Coupe hasnt had a problem in 2 years at all, but i guess all cars have the differnt problems if any at all! but to be honest its the last ford i will see on my drive until im very old and dont care anymore!(but hopefully it will be a jag) Thanks for your help so far, updates to follow.
  2. Stumped!!!!

    not good with ford but this happend on my Rover mini, it was the MAP sensor, not sure if there's electric idle control on Ka's or not?
  3. 2010 Ka Problems Just After Warranty

    Thank you VERY much!
  4. 2010 Ka Problems Just After Warranty

    Thanks for the reply, yes its was from Ford in Swindon. so not so much as fix the problem but a good will, or the the good will be to fix it?
  5. Hello all, So the missus has given me the lovely job of dealing with her car problems. The Car 2010 mk2 Ford KA Zetec 1.25 Im not good with Fords and ive never had a warranty before so i need help with how to approach this aswell. so the problems. Rattles enough said and not the main issue at the moment, this is somthing i will address at another time. Main issue, leaks. Got in the car Saturday and it was pretty much raining in the car. Dirvers seat Soaking along with the floor and the roof lining. she brought the car just OVER a year ago and were talking a year and 2 weeks ago. but what ive noticed is a small buckle in the bonnet. showing the car has been in a front ender and they have just replaced the bumper, but thats beside the point what can i do about the leak? Thanks in advance Nic