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  1. Hi Guys looking for Ford Focus MK3 ST250 RED SEATS. Red half leather recaro for a Focus between 2013 and 2017 air bags must be intact and seats in good condition. Looking to pay around £300. Mist a set down south last month priced at £370. Guy wouldn’t meet half way 😩 closer the better thanks jimmy

    PS I’m sure the plug points under seat for air bag will be the same as other focuses of these years? 



  2. Hi guys I’ve just bought XKR bonnet vent for my Focus a wee bit bigger than I thought they would be lol. Has anyone seen these on a mk3 or mk4. Or even better any pictures thanks jimmy 


  3. Hi Ryan

    emailed the guy but wires are all part of full harness 😩 and he thinks ST harness is just made for ST and other Focus’s will have selected bit left out. Awe well was worth a try thanks jimmy 


  4. Hi does anyone know where I can get the link cable for Focus ST250 dash gauges. Or a part number thanks jimmy
  5. ST250 Turbo gauges

    Sorry just seen it I think 2 and 3 it looks like 😎
  6. ST250 Turbo gauges

    Hi thanks for replying my car is a 2016 1.5 ST LINE 185bhp is this the same model ST diagram for this type of car thanks. Which one is live feed for back light? Thanks Jimmy
  7. ST250 Turbo gauges

    Hi does anyone have wiring diagram for plug. I’m trying to fit to my ST Line it has 6 pins. I’m looking just to light up back lights. My friend says there would be one live and one earth for back lights. And other four were one live and other three were for needles. Can anyone help thanks Jimmy
  8. Rear twin exhaust

    Cheers some of older kugas back box looks the same. I no about cutting extra hole but I must be very very careful lol
  9. ST 250 gauges

    My dash has lines on it but not a cut out you can just pop off 😩
  10. ST 250 gauges

    Looks good on your car lm just wanting mine for looks done really care if the work or not thanks jimmy
  11. ST 250 gauges

    Hi Guys in also looking to fit ST 250 gauges to my Focus is it easy to cut top of dash to clip it in? Thanks Jimmy
  12. Rear twin exhaust

    Hi Guys dose anyone know if Kuga rear twin exhaust will fit my Focus Black Edition 1.5 ecoboost?. I'm looking to change my single exhaust to a twin outlet thanks jimmy
  13. Hid lights

    Thanks guys thought it would be to hard lol
  14. Hid lights

    Thanks guys
  15. 3 questions

    Yeh your both right it powers my hard drive. But doesn't charge thanks guys