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  1. New Fiesta Spoiler

    hi i mite be wrong ...... ive just had to refit a spoiler to a new fiesta do they all new fiestas come with spoilers as the one i did when i removed the spoiler the tailgate is shaped to to fit a spoiler so when spoiler is fitted its flush with roof
  2. GO THE SCRAPPY and get yourself the boot latch and motor that will sort it .. your motor has failed
  3. hi all naz is completely correct you do need to change crank pulley alt belt and tensioner as i changed a lot between 2001 2004
  4. hi steve i have 16 kent crossflow in my mk1 escort rally car........ ter is plenty of things you can do to make it better bhp my 16 is a 711m block which is stronger and was used in the old skool rally cars now ive had it bored out to 1660 using + 90 pistons the crank was lightend and balanced and arp big and main end bolts fitted i have kent 244k cam and duplex timing gear fitted a billet steel flywheel and ap paddle clutch the only thing that lets it down is the head its a big valve head but isint gasflowed i did have a gasflowed but it cracked now it s got twin 40 webers wich i had rebuilt and roling roaded at northhampton motorsport my car at the moment is 116 bhp@wheels there is lots you can do to get more power mate what spec is your engine if i can help i will i love the xflow cos it will rev and rev ands pretty cheap to fix haha
  5. HI MATE it sounds like air in the system if it was ok after it was fitted and youve road tested it ,, try another bleed regarding the sloppy gearlever it will be the gearleaver spring will have snapped which is located at the gearlever end remove the centre console the spring is about 41p at dealer bit fiddly to do ,,,, mk1