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  1. Wheels

    The extra 10mm of width on the tyres should be fine. Only thing to check is that they are clear of the suspension and things. But I would think you would have enough clearance
  2. Help.. Mk2 Focus 07 1.8 Tdci

    This happened to me in 2009 tdci. In the passenger footwell up under the glove box there is the bottom of some fuses. My passenger managed to flick a little breaker switch over which turned all the sensors off and turned functions off. On the dash said bonnet open the heated screens didn't work, heating controls didn't work, outside temp sensor wasn't working. There was probably more too that I never noticed. Took me a few hours after chasing electrical diagrams and fusses then luck helped me when I saw 1 switch was open 1 was closed.
  3. The titanium will have more extras than a zetec. Titanium u will get sony radio parking sensors and maybe even auto park. Zetec s will look a little sporty on outside but inside will be a little less equipt spec wise. Might not have electric windows all round.
  4. Focus Mk3 Estate.

    Looking at replacing my 2009 tdci titanium focus for a mk3 focus tdci 1.6. Are they the same service schedule ?. Looking at the titanium spec too keep the extras we got. Anyone on here own one ? Any problems with the new one.
  5. 54 - 55Mm Ford Centre Caps

    Ford do them. £5 each.
  6. Ford Focus Mk 2.5 Mot Headlight Beam Pattern Failure

    They need manually adjusting. All headlights have manual adjustment on the headlight unit. If u take it to a garage that has headlight beam adjustment tools they will be able to adjust it to the correct level. Will improve your driving too.
  7. 2012 Focus Wind Deflectors

    On a mk2. Focus I've fitted some this weekend. Fits a treat. Just make sure the clips are in correct place before final fitting.
  8. Dpf Ford Focus

    No this wasn't a main ford dealer. I'm not a fan of them at all. This is a small family run garage that have been ford specialist and rs specialist for over 20 years. Where is the dpf chamber on a focus. ?
  9. Dpf Ford Focus

    Advice needed. Got a quote from local ford specialist for a full service on my 2009 1.6 tdc 75.000 miles When he gave me the price I nearly fell over. £1.400 including all major filters ie fuel air pollen oil. Nearly £800 of that was the dpf parts apparently. Do all 1.6 have the dpf filters? The bloke mentioned a dpf removal and re map. What's the pros and cons or that being done. ? Cars completely standard and runs a treat no smoke ever no lose of power.
  10. Heko Wind Deflectors.

    Sweet I've ordered a set. Now roll on a parcel on the mat :)
  11. Thinking of buying heko wind deflectors for my focus titanium. Anyone else own a set of these they easy fitting ? And long term use any problems??.
  12. Mondeo Diesel Filling Issue

    When using cap less technology its all about pushing it right in so the nozzle opens the flap inside the neck of the filler pipe. Then leave it there don't bring it up the pipe. At the end when full first click wait 10sec then full in until 2nd click then its full. I've never had problem putting diesel in. Always full tanks too
  13. Ye got the 2009 model titanium. 1.6 puls well enough. Never need anymore speed than the limit.
  14. What's your need for wanting 2.0. I've got the 1.6 tdci and cheap road tax will sit at over 70 mpg on motorway and never thought need more power.
  15. Focus Full Size Spare Wheel Foam Spacer.

    Ye that was yours I saw. What's condition like ?.