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  1. Squeaky gearbox Mk7

    It's just clips, and pulls straight upwards. The rear edge (nearest the handbrake) should pull up fairly easily, the front is a bit harder as the clips are bigger - I broke one of them first time round, but it superglues back on OK if that happens. Try and pull up with equal pressure left and right at the same time to avoid bending the clips too much. No need to remove altogether, you can lubricate underneath with the trim and gaiter pulled up. When I had squeaking it was actually coming from within the two connecting cables from the stick forward to the gear box. Just squirted in some silicone lubricant and exercised the stick a few times and all OK since then.
  2. What Rattles In Your Fiesta?

    Interesting you mention this, because I had what I thought was a rattle from this speaker, which turned out to be something else. On the top lip of the door bin trim at it's left-hand end there is a 'junction' with the plastic trim behind running vertically, and a very small gap (< 1mm) between them. At high enough speaker volumes, the plastic movement was enough to cause the two bits to touch together and produce a rattling/buzzing noise. A small piece of rubber wedged in the gap sorted it. Worth a look.
  3. Space Saver Wheel + Pack

    No problem being different, because the higher tyre wall but smaller diameter makes the effective rolling radius about the same. In any case you aren't supposed to use the spare as a matter of routine (50mph limit) partly because of this, but simply until you can get the regular wheel repaired. I have a 175/65 R14 spare with 195/45 R16 alloys.
  4. Space Saver Wheel + Pack

    Usually plenty available on EBay for £100-120 (that's everything - wheel, jack kit, foam insert etc). Here's one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-SPARE-WHEEL-JACK-KIT-MK8-MK9-BRAND-NEW-CONTINENTAL-TYRE-2008-2014-/331431878315?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4d2ae11eab Got mine on Ebay - I went for the full size spare rather than the space saver.
  5. Its a slightly fiddly job which involves removing a couple of dashboard trim panels and then removing and disassembling the climate sensor unit itself, which may be why garages are reticent to do it. If nothing is done it will probably only get worse if my experience is anything to go by. Its due to a build up of dust on the tiny fan inside the climate sensor unit, which makes the fan not run quite so well balanced, and the buzzing noise is amplified by the dashboard trim. The fan blades simply need cleaning and a bit of grease applying to the shaft. I've done this twice to my one now in the 18 months I've had the car once the noise starts to get distracting. Ford issued a mod which involved the addition of rubber mount about an inch long between the unit and the dashboard vent slot to stop the unit resonating so much. Got the part and applied it to mine and it does help, but the unit still needs cleaning from time to time.
  6. It's not a pin, its part of the pad retaining clip. You can see an identical one at the bottom. Once you've unbolted the caliper (two bolts at the rear) and moved it up out of the way you can remove the pads and then prize out the clips with a screwdriver to clean them up before replacing with the new pads (unless the new pads come with new clips as well).
  7. Dashboard rattle

    Problem is that the panels are held in much more these days simply with clips rather than screws, to make assembly quicker and cheaper. The hole in the bodywork into which the clip fits is slightly bigger than the clip, allowing movement which inevitably causes rattles. I've still got one in the far corner of my dashboard on the passenger side around the A pillar / bottom of windscreen area and haven't been able to trace it. I also can't get a hand to the underside of the offending area via the glovebox aperture as there is too much other stuff in the way behind it, and I simply can't face the thought of disassembling the whole thing. Once a year or so I have to remove the climate sensor and clean the dust out of it that causes it to start buzzing over time. This necessitates prising off the trim around the gear stick. Every time I do it, the same clip breaks off and I have to super-glue it back on to the trim prior to re-assembly. Seems to be the price we have to pay these days (or not!) for cheaper cars.
  8. There is a Ford adaptor you can get to connect it to its normal position with less buzzing, so they must have modded the design on later cars. http://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/ford/1736143-adaptor/ No picture, but it is basically a rubber tube about an inch long that the sensor fits into, and damps the vibrations that would be amplified by the plastic trim. Got this for mine last year and works well. The reason for buzzing in the first place is that basically there is a tiny fan blade at the end of the sensor module to drawer air in to be sampled, but that also attacts dust over time, which sticks to the blades and also gets to the fan spindle. Dismantling the sensor, cleaning up the blades and adding a bit of silicone grease to the spindle makes it silent again. As Mike77 says, you don't remove the stereo, but instead the gear stick surround, 'secret compartment' cover below the stereo, and then unscrew the heater controls to gain access to the sensor which is the cigar shaped thing on the right.
  9. Spare Wheel?

    The dealers swap them around all the time. Bought a Fiesta a few months ago which had the goo sealer kit and said I'd really like a proper spare. The salesman was quite open that he'd look around the other cars on the forecourt and see what he could swap it with. No expense to them then as the issue then simply transfers to another unsold car. The irony is that my car obviously did have a proper spare previously as all the markings from it are present on the underside of the boot carpet, so it was obvously swapped out before I got it for exactly the same reason for someone else. Salesman never did live up to the promise of sourcing a spare despite nagging him, so he'd probably run out of swap options and would have had to provide one at a cost to himself. I also pointed out that the goo kit had passed it's expiry date. He swapped it (from another car as well probably!), but the 'new' one only had about 3 months left on it. Ended up getting a spare myself off EBay.
  10. Fiesta Spare Wheels

    I was exactly the same scenario as you, right down to the Fiesta model and year! 14" wheel fits fine. The rolling radius ends up about the same as the 16" wheel due to the tyre not being so low profile. The wheel is still limited to 80km/h when in use though whether or not you go for the full width or space saver version.There are plenty of brand new wheels complete with jacking kit usually available on EBay for around £120 inc delivery, which is where I got mine (full width one). Make sure it comes with the screw down clamp though, some don't. No need to spend more on Ford supplied kits.
  11. Rear Demister Relay

    Where exactly is this on a Mk7? Have just noticed that sometimes my rear window doesn't demist despite the button lighting. When I press the button I can't hear the relay click when the interior of the car is cold, but once it warms up i can hear it click and all works as it should, so i suspect the relay is faulty in a temperature related way. However, inspecting the fuse panel behind the glovebox reveals that the relay isn't there ( though the windscreen one is). I can hear the rear one clicking somewhere nearby but can't pin it down. Any clues?
  12. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice as to how to troubleshoot a lack of heater fan on a Mondeo. Ignore the fact that my profile mentions a Fiesta, the fault is with the wife's car! Model as a 2005 Ghia with EATC climate control (digital display and all buttons, no knobs). On non climate models I believe this would normally be down to the resistor pack failing, but I don't think the climate models have one of these. The EATC unit seems to work in all respects other than the fan actually blowing. The digital fan level indicator goes up and down as I adjust it, and I can hear clicking as I divert air to different vents. Have checked the engine bay blower fuse and the auxiliary blower relay and these seem OK. A bit stumped now! Thanks for any comments.
  13. Parcel Shelf Clips

    Available from here http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_2008_rear_package_tray_bracket_35dr_f_1539663_c_417.htm I bought one a couple of months ago - not cheap though for a small bit of plastic. They crop up on EBay occasionally too, I was outbid on one before I got one from the place above.
  14. Interior Ambient Lighting

    Probably a wise move. Ford may have improved them as time went on, but if what you have are the same components as in mine then you may be disappointed. I'm surprised they even bothered making it a menu selectable option as it makes a fat lot of difference on or off. Probably the most useless feature I've seen in any car if mine is representative of how it should work.
  15. Interior Ambient Lighting

    Have had a secondhand 2009 Fiesta Titanium with ambient light as standard for a couple of months, and have to say that the feature is a bit of a disappointment in my opinion - not that I bought the car because it specifically had this. The lighting in the centre compartment is so dim as to be invisible unless you actually have something stored in the compartment for it to reflect off of - the black plastic of the compartment simply absorbs all the red light otherwise. The strip above the glovebox has a mild effect, but is pretty underwhelming really. I leave it turned off in the menu now anyway. Shame they didn't choose to light a few other things too to add a bit of wow factor, it seems a bit of a half-hearted gimmick as it is.