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  1. Stoney871 -- thanks for the comment. I think it was as simple as dirt in the tank. It didn't happen again and i'll keep the tank always half filled at least to see what happens. About suddenly loosing accelaration above 2000rpm, happened again in a quick trip to Tesco. On my way back it behaved fine. The car still runs and gets me there (at 30-40mph) but it makes me very nervous because it seems quite unpredictable. marklord83 -- I'm taking the car to a garage and let you know what they said. Once you have more news, can you report back here? thanks
  2. Hi all, I'm a proud owner of a 2006 Ford Focus 2.0L TDCi (my 2nd one). Just after a week of having bought it, I got something that looks very similar to this topic. The car has nearly no power above 50mph / 2000rpm. It all started today when the car was choking at low speed. At first it looked like it was running out of gas (I was but still enough for some 20 mi). To play safe, I quickly refilled with £20 of diesel and went for a drive to check. I took it to the motorway and I noticed the car had no power above 2000rpm or so. Maybe there is a connection between the incidents. I have no tools or place to try diagnose and fix it by myself, so I wonder if any of you know a good (£££) and trustworthy focus-diesel-friendly place where I could take the car for a check and perhaps a repair. Other than that, do you think there's a connection between running low on fuel and this cutting at 50mph? thanks