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  1. Parking cameras front & rear

    does anybody know if its possible to fit an reversing camera and have it show in the stereo head screen.?? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Parking cameras front & rear

    I would like it to be shown in the stereo display but not sure if thats poss. If not a monitor(One) for both cameras
  3. Hi I have a 2013 diesel Tit with factory fitted rear parking sensors & dealer fitted front parking sensors. I would like to fit cameras front & back but use only one monitor can this be done any ideas and or suggestions gratefull . thanks
  4. fiesta 1.5 tdci 13 plate re battery drain i eventually found the problem myself. i had front parking sensors retro fit by local Ford dealer who connected the parking module direct to the battery which left it live all the time. i disconnected the feed now have no problems. going to another dealer soon to have them wired properly.
  5. Hi you are not the only one i have a 13 plate 1.5tit tdi if left more than two days the battery is flat. Spoken to ford customer services who are trying to help its going to the dealer on 3rd march keeping fingers crossed. I now carry spare batt in the boot having been let down 4/5 times.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums bubbleman :)

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      thanks Steve will do

  7. Auto Wipers/headlamps

    Further to my first post i rang Ford customer services who told me that they are releasing a new software update on May27 2014 to cure the problems with rain sensors. Mine goes into the dealer next Tues keeping fingers crossed
  8. Auto Wipers/headlamps

    no problem turning wipers and lights off and on manually. just do not work via the rain and light sensor. …
  9. Auto Wipers/headlamps

    Has anyone had problems with the rain sensor on the 2013 Fiesta 1.5diesel. Mine has packed up. dealer told me they cannot repair until Ford finish developing a new replacement. I find this difficult to believe has anyone got any ideas or info. Thanks
  10. can anybody please tell me what fuses control the above items.
  11. Mk6.5 Starter Motor

    Thanks again for the info you are right. just checked on the website you suggested and they have it listed for £40. Will be having .serious words with the dealer . great news.
  12. Mk6.5 Starter Motor

    Daniel thanks for the info but i was told by the local Ford dealer that the fuse block assembly was not availible to buy without spending lots of money on a complete engine loom.Do you know if this is true??.I would love to know if i am being told porkys by the dealer
  13. Mk6.5 Starter Motor

    Just experienced yesterday the horribly ignition click and a non start situation . eventually found one of the battery leads fixing post had broken inside its plastic housing after the first fuse(450amp). This part is not availible from Fords separately fron the engine loom. Had to drill out post and fit a new made-up relacement. All back to normal up and running. :) I have enclosed some images of the battery connections. One thing concerns me if for some reason one of these high amperage fuses was to blow how do you replace them???.
  14. keiths album

    electrical starter & battery