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  1. Thanks for that. If I remember rightly the EGR valve was front left and it was a solid blanking plate..don't remember what metal. I can't get in touch with my mechanically minded pal until Monday, but I think he has the right device to read the codes so I'll do that first as you suggest and go from there. Thanks f
  2. Hi everyone. I'm new here so if I don't format this right please be patient. I have a Mk III 2.0 TDCi with 109000 on the clock. Bit slower than normal to start for the last couple of weeks and today while I was doing 30mph the engine died. Managed to get in to the side and up on curb. She won't start.Glow plug illuminates and extinguishes normally but flashes while I try to start the engineEngine warning light is off except when key being turnedShe tries to start up but doesn't catchI had some issues last year with the glow-plug lamp coming on and off and not even trying to start but these were cured by blanking out the EGR.Tank is half-full and hasn't been topped up recentlyI have checked for anything loos or any obviously damaged cables but don't see anyI tried to find similar issues on the forum and some have suggested it could be the cam sensor and I'll try to pick one of these up on Monday. Is there anything else I should be thinking about that could be swapped out relatively easily by me with the help of a (more mechanically minded) friend?? Thanks for the help. f
  3. Great to be here....don't know why I haven't joined before. My first car (only 23 years ago but that's half a lifetime for me!) was a Fiesta and now I'm in my trusty MkIII Mondeo TDCi. Well, trusty until today, but that's another story. I love my Ford and it's good to be around others who feel the same! Looking forward to learning lots... fergua