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  1. Ka Troubles

    Good news people :) Dad drove down this morning, changed the spark plugs (wasn't the problem) changed the cables (wasn't the problem) and finally changed the coil pack, and behold, the car was fixed :) thanks to everyone for their input and advice, it wasn't wrong :) turns out that coil pack hasn't been changed, it's as old as the car, almost 12 years. it was bound to give out. So happy days, my car lives for another day :D drove around the block, parked up, no problems :) yay :)
  2. Ka Troubles

    Sorry my mistake in terminology. I can see the spark plugs find. It's where they connect to the endure coil packs I can't see too well. (you can see how well I know my KA) But yeah, dad will come and fix it in a week or so. I just hate twiddling my thumbs waiting.
  3. Ka Troubles

    Phoned my dad and he seems to think it could be possible. spent this morning poking my head under the bonnet to try and see where the spark plug lead. My dad might have a spare hanging about but I can't see where the plugs actually lead. All I could read off the leads were 'Motorcraft TAYFA HE 1G1'. don't know what that means, if it's useful. I've tried to take a picture from under the car, but view is obstructed. Will post pictures soon.
  4. Ka Troubles

    Hmm it could be. When I had to do something quite 'strenuous', like reversing or pulling off on/over a slight incline, it looses power. I stopped driving the car as soon as I could, luckily I wasn't too far from home. I will run it by my dad, see what he thinks. What causes it ? seems to have come up pretty sudden. Though I suppose the car is pretty old. if one of the valves were worn enough to break, maybe something else could be too. stupid question, but if I were to take this to a mechanic (and this was the problem) what would be the damage to repair it ? (sure my dad could, but just save him the trip...though he probably will want to fix it him-self)
  5. Ka Troubles

    I am new, and have a major problem. so far this car has hated me. My dad got me this 51 KA, had for a few months now, without much issue. brought it down for university, and then it happened. first my valve broke, I leaked power steering fluid. A taxi driver came to help, but mistook my power steering for my water reservoir. (I know, should have known better) My poor dad drove two hours from Essex to fetch the car with the trailer. he fixed it in a week, replaced the valve and drained the fluid (and I know he fixed it, he knows cars, always fixes his own car). he drove it back to Portsmouth fine. THEN after one day, I move off to go to an interview and I start hearing this uncharacteristic 'coughing' noise driving back (best I can describe it like a motorbike), seemingly coming from the back of the car. I changed gears, made sure my parking brake was fully down. I have checked, there doesn't seem to be any damage to the exhaust pipe. I don't know enough about cars to try and poke around the engine without some damage. the Engine warning light has come on, and has now stayed on. the car seems the 'shake' abit, even when stationary (but engine still on) I really don't want to phone my dad again, without some clue as to what happened. I really have no clue, and being a poor student, don't know how costly it will be to visit a mechanic. Any clues, any advice, any idea what is wrong with this car ? I have checked the oil, and it's normal, not white or milky etc. Note: my dad has noted my starve the engine abit, ride the clutch before driving off, I know bad habit, but could that affect it ? please need some answers. Many thanks, Pamela