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  1. Focus Estate Towbar Fitting

    well just wanted to add an update. managed to get the towbar installed. but not by following the instructions, so if anyone else has difficulties heres what i had to do. slacken of the bolts on the exhaust/passenger side completely undo the forward most nut ,holding the side plate to the chassis, on the drivers side so that plate is hanging off. attach the towbar to the passenger side bracket and push it as far towards the drivers side as possible. get a friend (i got the wife) to pull upwards on the ball of the towbar whilst you attach the cross member of the towbar to the bracket push the side bracket back up into place, i then used a trolley jack to hold it in place whilst resecuring the plate to the chasiss. retighten all bolts.
  2. Focus Estate Towbar Fitting

    hi georgen, thanks for the reply. I did try that one yesterday but still could not get the towbar to move up into place. The bend in the cross bar seems to sit off centre of the spare wheel compartment (but centre to the car) and hits on the spare wheel compartment stopping it from moving up behind it into place behind spare wheel.
  3. Focus Estate Towbar Fitting

    Hi, This is my first post, so firstly a big hello to everyone. I have a focus 1.8 TDCi estate on a 54 plate. i recently purchased of ebay a Witter towbar model number F83A, which is what is listed for my car. I have fitted the two side plate to the chassis, as per instructions however i have a problem when trying to mount the main frame. Not only is it about 1/2" too short to meet both side arms / plates but the bend in the middle does not line up underneath with the space wheel compartment and stops the beam being lifted into place as it hits on the space wheel compartment. I have double checked the instructions and have made sure everything is in the right place and cannot see where i am going wrong. would appriciate any advice as I am starting to think that this is the wrong one for my car. Is it possible that my chassis is not mk1 if so how can i tell?