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  1. Mk2 Rear Parking Aid Control/sensor Unit

    Still can't get it. Can you email it to me at sharifgh at sky.com? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Mk2 Rear Parking Aid Control/sensor Unit

    Thank you. Also I cannot download your Sony Dab retrofit guide. Can you reup? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. I have a mk2 07 plate focus zetec with factory fitted reverse sensors. When I engage reverse the reverse light comes on and hear a beep once, but the sensors do not detect any obstruction. I suspect the sensor unit had failed. There are some on fleabag but I want to locate the one in the car first. I thought it was in the boot on the RHS under the fabric fitting above the wheel arch. I see wires coming through a rubber grommet in the floor of the boot bit cannot see the control unit when I follow the wires Please can you help to find it? Thanks Sharif
  4. This is what they check for £202 http://www.theaa.com/vehicle-inspections/checklist.html Very comphrensive. My alternative would be to buy a focus Zetec Climate 07 or 57 plate with low mileage. The Ti-Vct version.
  5. Thank you. What are other people's opinions?
  6. Dear all I am looking at a Ford Focus Titanium 2009 (09 plate) with, the seller claims full ford service history and cam belt change. It has done 80,000 miles and was a company car. The selling price is £4445. I am sure I might be able to get for £4000. If I am interested I was going to get a full AA inspection and report. But what do people think? Your advice? What further questions should I ask. The car is not practical for me to look at, hence the AA do the inspection. Thanks