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  1. If an ST was to be released...

    Mountune did the ST150 to a ST185 so that means nothing. And yes It probably will be 2012 but better then than never, I know the article Is from March I just thought posting It was a step closer than we was before. aint been on here for over a year due to a bad accident on my motorbike forgot loads of stuff like my name for 1 but remembered this thread lol.
  2. If an ST was to be released...

    Just a update on an old thread.http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/250228/ford_fiesta_st_gets_the_green_light.html
  3. new battery

    you could of put it in your own words instead of copy and paste
  4. My Ka Goes Chug...

    sounds like acoil pack fault quiet common on a lot of fords check plugs and leads 1st tho
  5. new battery

    just charges like a normal alternator until you floor it / gear donw to overtake something then the alternator stops charging to give the engine a couple of extra bhp to overtake / go faster then stats to charge when rmp is lower again.... use a batterie thats recommend for your car
  6. new battery

    depends what focus it is there different example st170 batterie is bigger than a normal 2.0 focus do you know what the smart charge does ???
  7. Dual mass flywheel

    how does it naff the starter when the starter contacts the fived part and the duel mass is the clutch side ???
  8. M.O.T HISTORY follow these instructions http://www.motinfo.gov.uk/internet/jsp/ECH...ory-Request.jsp will tell you if its failed m.o.t and why also advisers INSURANCE to check whether a vehicle is on the insurance database http://www.askmid.com/ownvehicle/ TAX to check tax,colour,cc and date of registration http://www.taxdisc.direct.gov.uk/EvlPortalApp/index.jsp think this info deserves a pinned spot

    should be fine but you cant tow anything thats heavier than what your towing it with by law
  10. O/T If you had the money...

    superbussa or noble
  11. could we have a photoshop section in the gallery please
  12. Hooter not working

    will probably be the squib on the steering column takes the contacts from wheel to fusebox
  13. Tracking not the problem?

    brake binding , camber of road ? does it do it all the time ? kwick fit are crap anyway
  14. If an ST was to be released...

    lol think you picked the right colour and no1's denying they aint a nice car not even going to mention the possibility of a KA ST lol
  15. If an ST was to be released...

    i agree on that i brought my mrs a fez st 56plate 6 months old with 3000k on it off the forecourt n saved a packet aint seen your motor around my neck of the woods m8