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  1. Hello all, I recently had my ford serviced for the first time, and one of the things I mentioned to the dealer was about map and software updates. The dealer kindly pointed me in the direction of there accessories ordering. To my discovery they want £110 to update my maps "Oh hell no!" ( Surely there has got to be a way you could update the maps at home. Anyone else had a look into this or have any suggestions. I found out that the maps software is Tom Tom so I thought surely there is software you could download that would be able to update the maps ?
  2. Its been a long time, just to let you all know I finally got round to installing lights in my car. Completed a few months ago, just havent had the time to do it nor post on here. I would like to point out that although it looks purple the colour is actually blue, but still looks pretty cool in the photos B) . I did end up splicing into the overhead light, I actually worked out that there is a 2 negative feeds and a positive going up to the light. One of the negatives is always there and is used for when you use the switch to turn the light on and off, the other negative becomes live when you unlock the car or open any of the doors. So i therefore ran 2 wires down from the light, one spliced into the negative door feed the other spliced into the positive feed. I had them go into a 3 way switch along with a always live negative that I connected to the cars body. Therefore I have the choice to either have the lights come on automatically with the overhead light or switch it over so that the lights were always on. O and I added a dimmer switch so I can dim the brightness if I wanted too :) Thanks for all the advice everyone !
  3. Ive very picky when it comes to things like this, sometimes... most the time it makes the job so much more difficult than it needs to be.
  4. Yes thats correct but I will be putting on a switch so I have the option of turning them off, I just wanted them to come on and stay on, then I have the option whether I actually want them on or not.
  5. Yes that is where I will be looking next.
  6. Yes that is what I am aiming for. I was looking for connectors the other night and I could only find the right ones on, only issue is they cost over £35 each (being a offical ford parts website you would expect that). I havent got a issue with splicing the wires its just getting the lights to come on when I want them on. Hense wanting to find a feed that comes on when I unlock the car and remain on in till I lock the car back up. I think my next bet will be the instructment lighting feed as this comes on and remains on in till I lock the car back up.
  7. Yes I understand this but surely if I was to wire up to that feed the footwell lights would be off when the dome light switches off after it times out once I shut the doors or when I start the car the light goes out.
  8. Lenny, I was just thinking last night that surely splicing up to the feed that postive when the car is unlocked wouldnt work. As this feed comes on when the car is unlocked but once I am in the car it times out after 10 or so seconds. If I was to wire up to this connection my footwell lighting would do the same. I also looked at splicing to the other light connection but this is the feed for the light switch and therefore always has a supply, even when the car is off and locked up. Any suggestions as to where I could connect up where my lights would come on when I unlock the car and stay on in till I lock the car back up ?
  9. Chris398398

    Zetec S behind glovebox wiring

    Photos of wiring and plugs behind glovebox, can anyone tell me what each of these plugs do.
  10. Yes I believe thats what the red plug was for, as I noticed I didnt have a actual switch to turn off the airbag, only able to switch it off through the computer settings. The yellow plug I dont think is for the Bluetooth as I have bluetooth in my car and it isnt wired through this.
  11. Thanks Lenny, im not looking to wire in a illuminated ignition light as I have the push start button my my focus the actual button lights up blue. Im just looking to install footwell lights so the wiring loom would be of great help as I dnt really want to go round cutting wires if I can avoid it. Do u have a link to where I can buy the wiring loom ?
  12. Yes I was looking at this option but was hoping not to go to all the trouble of wiring from the interior lighting. Not only that but the interior lighting comes on when I unlock the car but goes off after a few seconds once I am in the car. I looked at the guide you mentioned, great guide but doesn't really state where or how to wire it up, where the picture shows the fuse, I already have a fuse there and could'nt find what it was used for.
  13. Also whilst I had the glove box out I noticed a few plugs that weren't connected to any think, could anyone tell me what they are for ? White plug found behind but underneath glovebox Red plug found behind plastic cover I had to remove to remove glove box Finally this yellow plug I found tucked up behind center console Any information would be helpful :)