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  1. I take it there isn't one coming up then !!!!!
  2. When's the next meet then
  3. Looking forward too meeting up should be fun and !Removed! cold lol
  4. How many normally turn up for these meets and do u have a link to st owners club mate
  5. New Member With St170

    Yeah a few people who didn't like wrapped bonnets changed there opinion when they saw my bonnet wrapped as it suits the colour not sure if I should do roof or not ?????
  6. New Member With St170

    Yeah that works out at near £50 per 1bhp maybe later if I have the money but side skirts next and then start boot build next week
  7. New Member With St170

    It's a carbon wrap and i wrapped the eyebrows in carbon as well I have a straight through from middle box exhaust air filter new coil pack and uprated cables and getting uprated hoses next week not much u can do with st too get more power
  8. New Member With St170

    It's hard too get a good photo of spoiler it looks better in real life but it is marmite it's off a focus wrc car so fully adjustable
  9. New Member With St170

    Hi I'm dave I have a modified mk1 st170 will pop picks on here wanna meet with other ford owners general chat as well had fords all my life starting with mk3 escort mk6 escort mk6 escort gti 2 st170s a st24
  10. Air filter power flow exhaust from mid box too straight through no back box fully refurb wheels new silicon hoses going in engine bay next week upgrade coil pack chrome engine cover bits Lockwood grills upgrade to LED on most lights licence plate and sidelights I prob forgot stuff but that's a start
  11. Hi I live in Ferndown I'm part of ffoc I have a few people that would like to join up I have a modified st170