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  1. Hi everyone, Firstly, thanks everyone for replying and huge apologies for not responding. I thought I had email notifications set up (turns out I haven't) and assumed I didn't get any responses to this post. I am pleased to say we have resolved the issue with with laser 4-wheel alignment. Apparently both the rears and the front right were out. This surprised me, as I assumed if the tracking was out I would notice uneven tyre wear, but they're completely fine. It was an odd feeling on the steering, and I'm wondering if the wheels being out somehow confused the PDC system at times, but who knows. I know everyone's car is different, and others might be experiencing similar symptoms from a different cause, but my advice to anyone reading this is to start with the common/simple solutions, and it's probably a good idea to get all four wheels checked for alignment (not just the front) before going down the route of disabling PDC or anything else. The car is now lovely to drive and handles the way I hoped it would. Thanks again Dale
  2. Hi everyone, We bought a MK4 focus estate ST-Line X 2.0 litre diesel from a dealer a couple of months back that is just over a year old, and although we're generally happy with the car, the handling has been disappointing, and I'm hoping someone who has experienced a similar issue can offer some advice. Symptoms The steering wheel tends to want to flick left or right, you feel like you're subtly having to fight the car to keep it on a straight line. The steering can vary in how light/heavy it is. I've noticed it particularly when going around corners, although it can be on a straight road too, and when going over minor bumps. You'll feel the tyres gripping the road one second, the next it'll feel like you're driving on ice, but just for a split second. It's very irritating to say the least. I'm not sure if this is related, but it sometimes feels like the front and rear of the car are wobbling left and right independently of each other (particularly when going over bumps, which can be very small), and just doesn't feel like it's stable and hugging the road. I have it booked in with a Ford dealer to run it through a diagnostics programme. Something I've read about is pull drift compensation, which could be causing the issues. But I've read that people get inconsistent responses from dealers, some seeming to show no knowledge of the setting, others denying they have the ability to turn it off. They are going to charge me a fortune if it doesn't come out as something not covered by the warranty, but were very coy about explaining what would and wouldn't be covered, so I guess that's something for me to look into. I don't want to waste money on getting the alignment/geometry checked, but perhaps I should do that before the diagnostic. There is no noticeable uneven tyre wear, and I've read others who have had similar issues and the alignment came out fine. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts and if they've experienced something similar; what fixed it and what response they got from the dealer etc. One of the reasons we went for a newer car was to have the warranty, and I'm worried they're going to try to charge me when perhaps they don't understand the problem/solution. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, My alternator failed today. I was wondering if anyone could look at the attached picture and tell me if the wiring could actually be the problem. If you look just to the right hand side of the red tape in the middle you'll see what looks like a single brown wire being stretched. If you look closely it also looks like there might have been a green wire that has been ripped off. Could anyone tell me if this could cause the alternator to fail? If so does it mean it's now been damaged and will need replacing anyway? If anyone could advise on how to sort out this wiring that would be great. Unless it's simple I think I might be forced to take it to the garage. Also, if anyone has a guide on how to remove the existing alternator (if it does need to be replaced) that would be great. I almost got it off tonight but found the adjuster bracket to be directly in front of one of the bolts holding it on. Many thanks Dale
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