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  1. i have a 55 plate Mondeo 2.2 diesel, plenty miles on her, getting the strangest noise coming from it when its under load, not when its revved so much but its started to make a slight noise now, say i drive along at 30mph and put my foot down its like its strangling a cat under the hood. i must add its not affecting the power and its not a leaking turbo hose/whooshing noise the only way i can explain it its like strangling a cat although ive never done that lol or when you accidentally tread on a cats tail I've done that :). its a very strange nose, i am 50 years old and been around cars all my life and I've never heard a noise like it. first i thought it was slipping alternator belt but that's had a new tension and belt fitted. someone has suggested the oil feed pipe to the turbo may be blocked, they say they come from new with a filter in the banjo and a lot don't get removed as they should on the first service and can get blocked is this correct? if so is the filter in the banjo bolt itself or in the pick up pipe that bolts to the block behind the alternator? thanks for any advice in advance
  2. looking like i need new 02 sensor just hoping this is it.... as not cheap foz
  3. just to point out that the ecu light does come on sometimes i have read the car again today and i have 2 dtc's P0131 02 Sensor Circuit low voltage (bank 1 Sensor 1) P2297 02 Sensor out of range during Deceleration Bank 1 Sensor 1 keeps pointing to this 02 sensor but do you think it's the sensor its self or a problem making it trigger ? trouble is these sensors are not cheap if they were £50 odd i would buy in the hope that it would cure the problem but there £200 + thanks for your time and effort helping me foz auto data 3.38 gives me 2 faults for both codes H02S & 02S whats the differance? P0131 says H02S & 02S exhaust leak, wiring short to earth, ECM P2297 says H02S & 02S intake leak, exhaust leak, injectors
  4. thanks for your reply BOF i can check the ecu connector but suspect the problem is not that simple, as it really seems to be when the car is going up a bank when the engine is warm, although at this stage i am ruleing nothing out. i am pretty sure something is triggering the 02 lambda sensor and this is the cause of the power loss, it maybe the sensor its self but from reading it seems normally (on fords anyway) something else causes the 02 to trigger a dtc other than loss of turbo boost pressure is there anything else a common cause to trigger 02 dtc? my understanding of a lambda senor is it’s a final check of the cars mixture air/fuel and adjusts the ecu accordingly. but until i had this mondeo I only thought there was one fitted to each car but seems mondeo have more than 1 what is the purpose of the others? it's one of those... that if i took the car into a garage they would think i was making it up, because the car has loads of power and unless i had experienced it myself i would agree with them there is nothing wrong with the car (like i told my lady) lol..she uses the car 99% of the time but trying to get it to a garage with the fault still on the car is very hard as a simple engine stop start resets it and off you go again But honestly Lorries were over taking me up some of the banks on the way to Plymouth on a recent trip but prior to the steep bank i had be cursing along at 80-90 Thanks again foz ps i agree that the p2122-00 accelorator position sensor signal to low can cause problems i had this with a focus diesel my last car making it lumpy like a petrol car with a lead off but its never given this dtc again
  5. 2.2 tdci 09 plate mondeo dieing up hills on motorway mainly (lorries overtake on big hills!!) milage 150,000 i have a ford mondeo 2.2 tdci 2009 titanium x that i am having problems with on a run on the motorway it will fly along at pretty much any speed until i hit a hill then it just seems to die i can drop it down a gear or two and it won’t pull up the hill (wont rev like it’s in limp mode) it has had the same fault on a flat road a few time but 98% is on a hill & when its warm on a longer drive to pull it out of this limp mode a simple stop and restart of the engine seems to correct it ive recently changed fuel filter & air filter then mass airflow sensor, this seemed to improve the cars performance but not cure the hill problem i then checked all the turbo pipes, looked like the pipe to egr had a small leak (bit of black crap on pipe) so changed that thinking this was it but still have fault Over the last few months the dtc's I’ve read out are:- 28 nov 13 p2122-00 accelorator position sensor signal to low p0564-65 p1260-00 theft dection immobilizer 10 dec 13 p0564-65 23 dec 13 p0131-22 02 sensor circuit bank 1 sensor 1 low voltage 24 jan 14 p0131-22 02 sensor circuit bank 1 sensor 1 low voltage p0564-65 (i think P0564 is Cruise Control System, Multi-function Switch Input A – Circuit. Fault)? i dont have the latest codes there on my laptop but i will edit post when i get laptop the one that seems to be there after the limp mode is the p0131-22 02 sensor circuit bank 1 sensor 1 low voltage & p0564-65 Cruise Control System but speaking to bristol street ford they have not sold any 02 sensors in the last 12 months for my model i dont want to keep throwing money at it, i dont mind spending the money out to fix it but as yet i dont really seem to be any further forward i thought the 02 sensor was triggered by turbo a leaking boost pipe but now thats been replaced i still get the error the car runs really well until this problem occurs i have noticed a noise when the engine is off coming from the egr valve every minute or so until the car is locked i googled it and seems its a cleaing cycle is this correct?? i would like to add that 99% of the time the car seems perfect (this fault is not all the time, well does not seem to happen on local runs although it has a few times) hopefully i've posted enough info for someone to reply back with your thoughts thanks in advance foz
  6. stooge75, do you mean where is the mark solved? bottom right ? foz
  7. that is where i picked up the tempre earth from to test it i just poped in the house to see if you had replied just incase earth was close by i am just going to cut in to the loom and solder this new earth in other wise it ilooks like i need to remove all the panels to trace it back and its not really worth it as long as it cures my fault it will be permanent fix now thanks again for your time and help foz
  8. I’ve sorted it well ... lol cured the problem While in the boot I’ve noticed a noise buzzing coming from the boot latch when the fault occurred in the end I put a new earth to n/s rear light as this seemed to be affected worse if no lights were on the indicator bulb light up but o/s was fine And low and behold this cured the all problems / faults Now I either need to find earth to that side or leave the tempre earth on permanently any ideas where it picks the earth up from on the n/s/r loom in the boot not the hatch? also thanks for your time & help foz
  9. no these earth point appear to be clean and tight i am now awaiting a family memeber to return home so i can get inside the boot while they press the break peddle to get multi meter in there eveything at the front end seems fine when breaks are pressed and lights on foz
  10. i have a problem on ford mondeo 2009 mk4 titanium x 5dr hatch on a return journey i noticed when i pressed the breaks my dash was displaying my luggage compartment was open, on closer inspection i noticed all the rear lights were dimming when the break was pressed and the boot lid was shut tight i did notice that the left hand break light bulb had blown so replaced bulb at a garage on way home but that did not sort my problem out. the break lights are dimming all rear end lights inc number plate light etc and still getting luggage compartment open when pressing the break peddle, normally i would say bad earth....? but ive removed both bulb holders away from the loom to the rear light clusters on body but ive noticed its even dimming the boot interior light when the bulb holders are removed from both sides and the break pressed which then points me to the tail gate center stop light..? ive removed the plastic cover to the tail gate but can not see any water any where causing the problem just wondered if anyone could point me where to look next i can only think its a break in the boot lid wiring at the moment but wanted to ask before going any further i did notice if this helps, that if the lights are off, the luggage compartment did not beep and display as oftern on dash thanks in advance for any help foz
  11. hi guys forum looks great thanks for having me foz