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  1. Reverse Lights & Oem Parking Sensors Not Working.

    No, the lights nor sensors do not work at all, even if I link the wires on the switch connector together. The sensors will however work if I remove the bulb from the reverse lights!
  2. Reverse Lights & Oem Parking Sensors Not Working.

    Due to the bad weather & other commitments, I haven't had a chance to pursue this problem. In answer to "v,s" question, the connector has little tabs you have to press in to release the connector. I think I have eliminated the switch by joining the wires together at the switch connector & also a faulty earth by baring the earth wire from the reverse light bulb holder & connecting that to a good earth. I was thinking that it could be a dodgy connection on the fuse box but have not had a chance to check it out yet, plus I cannot see how to remove the fuse box assembly. If anybody got any other ideas, let me know! Happy new year!! Cheers
  3. Reverse Lights & Oem Parking Sensors Not Working.

    Well, finally it has stopped raining, so I have attempted to repair this. I have discovered that if I remove the reverse light bulb, the sensors work correctly. I have swapped the holder with the fog light holder & it is OK in the foglight. Thinking it must be a dodgy earth for the reverse lights, I bared a section of the earth wire (black wire) & connected that to a good earth. Still they don't work. So I tried linking the gearbox switch wires together & still no joy! I have tried a new fuse & bulb as well. All I can think of now, is that it is fault with a connection prior to the fuse box. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Tim
  4. Reverse Lights & Oem Parking Sensors Not Working.

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I have power to the switch & have joined the two wires together & still they don't work. I would presume this would eliminate the fuse & switch & also it would seem that the electric mirrors are fed from this fuse(141) & they work fine. Does the outgoing wire from the switch go to reversing lights or to the module which is located behind the osr trim panel?
  5. Hi there, I am new to this forum & having spent most of today on the net, I have decided this is the best focus forum about. As the title says, I have OEM sensors fitted to my 2007 focus 1.8 Ghia tdci, which, along with the reverse lights have stopped working. I have checked the bulb & fuse in the glovebox compartment. I have checked for power at the switch, located on the top of the mtx75 gearbox, which is there, shorted the two wires in the connector together & still they don't' work!! Is there another fuse or relay somewhere which could be faulty? Cheers Tim.