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  1. Key Issue Plese Help :'(

    So do i just remove the white fuse holder box and fit a new 1 and do the ignition sequence with the key
  2. Key Issue Plese Help :'(

    Thanks for the reply im now abit condfused the guy that came out said that the white box under the glove box which im sure he said was the body control module is ok and he plugged in someting else and he said it was the remote control unit (module) was faulty ive searched on ebay and its coming up with a black sort of box and ive looked near the bcm and can not find it .... all the fuses are fine he tried to connect to the remote control module and on his computer came up with remote control module not responding .... i just want to cry pmsl Ive got a 1.8tdci lx 56 plate made in feb 2007 if this little bit of more info helps the please please any1 reply before i start spending what i dont need to spend ... many thanks everyone
  3. Key Issue Plese Help :'(

    Update to my issue .... I had a auto mobile locksmith come out to my car today and he tried to allocate different fobs to my car and no joy.. so he then plugged in his laptop carried out a coulple of inspections and the out come is that the remote control module is not opperating so he said i am to change it because it is not taking a signal off any key to open the locks remotely but he say he does not no where this is located so very happy with knowing what the fault is but the BIG question is .... Does anybody no where i can locate this box Many thanks
  4. Humming From Front Wheels

    Yeah pal most prob your tyres have a look at the make and google search the tyre it the sould give you a db reading of the tyre plus a few extra bits Hope this helps
  5. Key Issue Plese Help :'(

    ok will do but do you think this will solve the problem I just don't understand what it could be .... many thanks for the reply
  6. Key Issue Plese Help :'(

    hi all users I have a problem with my key on my car this has been a problem for some time but ive only just got round to try and fix the problem..... now ha ha I bought my ford focus 56 plate diesel in January, now when I first bought the car (the key fob did not work) but I thought nothing of it I just thought when I get home fit a new battery and hey presto it will work... and yes I no what your going to say its not that simple so just recently i've been reading how to re-programme the key to the car i.e key in ignition then within 6secs turn key from 1-2 four time then you will hear a beep then press the button on you fob and then another beep should sound to tell you that the key was successful this did not happen so I thought rite go to evans halshaw and get them to have a look and give me a quote...... when I got to fords this morning they got a little black box out to test my key and they pointed my key to this black box that had two l.e.d. lights 1 sying signal received and the other low battery on each button they pressed it came up signal received so the guy sid your key is working then he came to my car got in went through the same process as me and no joy what so ever... now ford are saying you can book it in and we will check on the computer and see if we can do it that way but there is a charge of £85 +VAT and what ever on top after that if any further work is required... Im just asking really if anyone can help me before I have to pay out of this world to fix this problem. thankyou for taking time to read my issue and I hope any body can help : )