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  1. Blidworth Steve

    Focus Judders

    hi there - my 51 plate 1.6 zetec focus judders at about 50mph now & then - tried all sorts - coil pack,new plugs & leads,new fuel filter,pcv valve - petrol treatment cures it for a day perhaps, but I don't know where to go now. any ideas ?
  2. Blidworth Steve

    Focus 1.6 'coughs' Sometimes - Tried All Sorts ??

    It seems to do it when driving, about 50ish and when it has warmed up - petrol treatment seems to cure it for a day or so
  3. hi - when warm focus (51 plate 1.6) will judder briefly (I used to know it as petrol starvation) I have changed plugs, leads, coil pack, egr valve, fuel filter - what else could it be -help and thanx
  4. hi - great to be on board - hello to all