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  1. I've since moved on. If that car I posted about above is my old car I feel bad and a bit guilty for the new owner.
  2. First my apologies for abandoning this thread without a conclusion. About two weeks after my last post (Jan '14) and with the oil consumption issue still ongoing with no help from Ford CS or dealers I decided to sell the car back to the supplying dealer which cost me £3k plus. One reason I've brought this back from the dead is that I have just read a report about a ST at the HonestJohn website that sounds eerily familiar: Timing, age and symptoms all match my car and was wondering if it was anyone here or knows any more details? I feel guilty that someone else may have got this car but at least it seems a new engine was put in. Thanks and sorry again for such a long delay in replying!
  3. I'll see what they say Monday, Clive. Unfortunately they, nor I went over the car beforehand and so I have no proof.
  4. And just to add insult to injury, the dealer have done this:
  5. I think regards the oil, if it isn't leaking, there isn't a problem. I even had a rant at Ford customer services about the oil tests that I've already done with the other dealer (who ultimately declared there's nothing wrong with the car) and they say the new dealer has to check for themselves. I thought all work done is on computer that all dealers can access? I just think this car is a dud and will forever have problems. I can't find another ST on this, or any other forum, that has had any of the problems mine has had.
  6. The leak has been confirmed to be a drive shaft seal. One thing after the other :(
  7. I took a pic of the oil patch and tried to take a pic under the car, but it doesn't show much. I have placed a "sheet" made up of A4 paper under the car to see if anything drips on it overnight!
  8. I didn't. I payed a deposit in addition to my PX with my debit card (I don't do credit cards) And things get better with the car. This morning I find a oil patch right under the gearbox/crankshaft area. Am taking it back to the dealer who told me two days ago there were no leaks.
  9. I used to work at a dealer and they are paid a much lower labour rate for warranty repairs. At the dealer I worked at ( a luxury brand) the warranty rate is still £30/hr versus £110+ retail rate. But I agree with you, not doing the compression check is ridiculous. Points to them not wanting to confirm a oil consumption problem. The big question for me is have the dealers been acting how they have under instruction form Ford?
  10. That is the one thing Ford customer services were firm on. I suggested having say the AA look at the car but they said their findings wouldn't be accepted. I've tried my best but think now it is another car or a refund.
  11. Another dealer, another oil top up and another 500 miles.......Had enough. First, I don't believe the 0.5L added would be true looking at the dipstick reading above taken 2 days ago.....more like a litre IMO. I'll check tomorrow. All that was checked was the PCV pipes (clear), exhaust for smoke (none of course!) and the dipstick level. No compression test or anything else. Nobody seems bothered that this car has consumed 3.5L minimum of oil in 3000 miles. I'm made to feel like I'm a pain in the !Removed! to the dealers. Honestly don't want the car anymore :(
  12. Thought I'd update the thread as the car is going to another dealer on Tuesday. Original dealer told Ford customer services their is nothing wrong with the car.... At the last check of the dipstick the tech declared it full of oil but I disagreed as to my eye it was right in the middle of min/max. That was on 3rd of January. Here is a picture I did earlier today with engine up to temp and switched off for 10 minutes.
  13. Mk7.5 Fuel Pump

    Oh right, didn't realise. If it is clearly rattling just show it to the dealer. If you're only getting 25/30mpg in a 1.0 then clearly something is wrong. My ST is giving me at least 33 mpg on the commute and it may be sick too....
  14. Mk7.5 Fuel Pump

    Isn't the fuel pump in the fuel tank? Have you had the back seat out? I haven't heard any noises from the rear of the car so far in my ST *knocks wood* Hope you get it sorted though.
  15. Ecoboost Issues

    I talked to my dad about his stop/start and in the 3000+ miles (all short journeys <10 miles) and 4 months he's had the car the system has worked fine. The only times it hasn't worked is when, has he puts it, "when the automatic choke is on" (fast idle) and when he travels a very short distance <1 mile to Tesco (battery level too low for stop/start?) MarieD, if your stop/start doesn't work most of the time arrange for someone from the dealer to go in the car so you can show them it isn't working.