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  1. Happy Birthday mad!

  2. bleeding air in coolant

    A bit more info may help us to help you help your friend.... Is the engine OHV or CVH? Also, what makes you think you have air in the system? Air locks are a rare thing on cooling systems with an expansion tank as they are designed to allow any trapped air to automatically bleed into the exptn tank. To depressurize system remove and re-fit filler cap on exptn tank or radiator. If you're experiencing little or no coolant flow, over heating or cold air from heaters then it could easily be something else.
  3. Paint codes for Ford Focus

    Couldn't really say from just a code, Z3 seems a bit vague. Did find a site that mite help seeing how you know what color your car is and i don't. this link should help.... ;) Click Here
  4. ka piston

    All Ford 4 cylinder engines have the same firing order 1-3-4-2. So, looking at engine from the front of car #1 cylinder is the left one. ;)
  5. Took it back to the garage this morning. He first said it was a dodgey plug causing a miss-fire on #2 cylinder, 'result', I thought. When he took the plug out it was black with oil, not good as they where changed only 10 days ago during head gasket re-fit. :( After a proper diag he comes back with info that comp psi is down on #2. Rings have gone "Didn't you spot that last week when you had the head off?" i asked. "Erm...Well we weren't looking for that" He bluffed. :o I aint a complete !Removed! when it comes to engines. "Did you do a compression test when you re-fitted the head?" I quizzed. "Of course" He mumbled. "1 in a 1,000 this, but it happens. It will set you back £350 just for labor." You're avin a giraffe mate. I know the rings failure aint down to him, but i don't see why i should carry the cost of having the head re-done when it could have been detected and sorted the first time round. Any suggestions???
  6. Dashbooard

    It's a coin holder for £153..... £3 in the slot £150 for the replacement side window the local hoody smashes to get your on display coinage!!
  7. Yellow Pages mate. Car Breakers, off the shelf parts etc. you will probably have to buy the whole dizzy, but it's still better than swapping the engine. If you can get an engine swap surely you can get the part. If you get so desperate that you're considering making one out of old bits of leggo and a cigarette lighter then give this guy a call : Charlie Macs, Shop - (0151) 207 2251 / Dismantling - (0151) 933 1028. Nowhere near N/hampton but he knows his parts, fords and other parts people. Good hunting ;)
  8. I have just had the head gasket replaced on my '02 Fiesta. Yesterday the engine warning light started flashing whilst driving, today it's staying on permanent and the engine is making an unsettling knocking noise from the top end. The gasket change was a result of the car grinding to a halt on the M-Way in a 'hissing', 'bubbling' engine full of creamy goo kind of way . It's been back on the road for about a week after much expense. Is it a knock-on (no pun) result of breakdown or the repair that's at fault? I've heard tell of fault diagnostics linked to the trip computer, any help would....well....be a help.