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  1. Hi Wonder if anyone can help? Noticed today on my 57 plate ranger that the blue main beam warning light has stopped working along with the sidelights warning light on the dash. The side lights work fine and lights on reminder still works with keys out and main beam flashes and switches fine. Could it be just bulbs? Strange two have gone at the same time. Does anyone have a wiring diagram? Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Hi, I need to change my tyres and have been advise to fit BF Goodrich All Terrain which apparently do an excellent job on and off road through the winter. At present I have 245/70x16's fitted and want to fit tyres with a larger footprint to enhance the look of my skinny original tyres. I know it will affect the speedo slightly, but I need to know that they will fit and not rub if I fit 265/70x6 BF Goodrich All terrains. Has anyone fitted larger footprint tyres successfully, and if so what size where they? Kind regards, Nick.
  3. Ranger Moans And Groans

    Hi, Mine noise which was the same, was cured by putting thick grease on the bumpstops that are adjustable when turning on a full lock. Hope this helps. Cheers, Nick...
  4. Sorry. I don't have the part number as it was supplied with the headunit as a package. Glad to hear you got a faceplate though. Was it expensive from Ford? Cheers, Nick...
  5. Mine is the Kenwood DNX8220BT and I had managed to get an iso plug and play harness. I don't have steering wheel controls, so it was straight forward. The everest is just a different body and not a pickup as I understand. I will try to get a better quote, but this is the best so far http://www.parcel2go.com/Quote-page.aspx?m1=30&m2=15&m3=15&w=1&e=nick@rapidplay.plus.com&cm=1&dest=ZA&col=GB at £35.00. so we are looking at around £50 with the faceplate all in sent to you via DHL. I have ordered the dash with Mazda (I play golf with the Service manager at Local branch)and he said I should have it Weds with any luck. The adapter faceplate has green illumination (same as mine) , but the 2010 rangers have red, so this may be a problem. Attatched is a dash picture. Is this yours? I will contact you as soon as I have it in my hands. Meanwhile what is your address and contact email address, to save forum time and space? Mine is nick@rapidplay.plus.com . Cheers, Nick...
  6. I will order one on weds and find out how much to send to south africa. I will then let you know the total price, and if you trust me, do a paypal for the amount and I will send it ASAP as promised. Up to you mate. Cheers, Nick..
  7. I will order one on weds and find out how much to send to south africa. I will then let you know the price, and if you trust me, do a paypal for the amount and I
  8. Ranger CD Player

    No problem, have emailed you details. Cheers, Nick...
  9. Ranger CD Player

    No problem! You could pick it up to save postage if you can't fix it as I see you are from Port Talbot.
  10. Ranger CD Player

    Basically, you remove the heater control switches and pull from the bottom to release, and then from the top towards you. The cd player stays attached to the fascia, and feels like it is going to break as you pull it up but it doesn't unless you pull to hard. It only unclips about an inch from the dash to become loose so you can put your fingers underneath. The main release is at the bottom and there are 3 on each side, (two by the heater controls and one at the top) on each side. It then slides straight out forward, leaving the hazard, aircon and recirc switches in place. If your unit is broken, I have one for sale for £100 plus p+p including fascia out of my 57 plate Ranger. It was used for 2 months from new before I fitted a double din fascia with 7 inch screen and reverse camera. Hope this helps. Nick...
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, but I don't have Hub caps, I have six stud alloys, would it be ingraved on the inside rim? Also do I then convert inches to mm to get the max size allowed? I was hoping someone has fitted bigger tyres to save me the stress of guessing the biggest that would fit! LOL. Cheers, Nick...
  12. Hi, I would like to know what are the biggest and best tyres I can but on my 3.0LTR TDCI Auto Doublecab Thunder? I currently have 245/70x16 and have fitted 30mm spacers all round to make it look better, without any rubbing at all. Does this mean I can go to 275 or wider with a lower profile on 16 inch wheels? Also for all those looking for a double din fascia replacement, they are avaliable from Maxda Part number UR7255210 for around £10 including VAT. I fitted a kenwood reverse camera, touchscreen satnav, freeview and dvd player with bluetooth without any trouble. See pictures attached. Thanks, Nick....
  13. Best bet is to put a powerbox on it from TDIpower.de. They cost about £100.00 and gave me an extra 30bhp and 10 mpg on the Fiesta 1.6, and on the Ranger I got 35 bhp and 6mpg more. They piggy back the common rail and basically lie to the ECU about fuel pressure. The ECU gives more fuel and hey presto you have better torque and mpg. These units are digital and work within the safe parameters of the engine ECU , so no management problems. Hope this helps, Nick..
  14. Ranger 2007 4X4 help