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  1. Meet In Surrey?

    I went along last night for the first time, really friendly bunch! Some lovely motors too, I'm very jealous of Mark's RS2000! Nice to meet everyone, don't think I spoke to your fella Becca, but I did meet some really cool folks. Don't think I can make the breakfast meet but I'll be along to the next thursday night. Going to bring a bigger jacket next time, it was freeeezing lol
  2. 1.7 Puma Mpg

    I've recently bought my first Puma, 1.7 too. Took her up North at the weekend, mostly motorway and I was no way getting more that 35mpg. I don't have the level of restraint you do obviously! 33 round town sounds similar to what I'm getting, obviously less if I'm feeling a bit 'heavy footed'
  3. Meet In Surrey?

    Could someone provide a postcode for the meet tonight please? I'd like to try and make it along
  4. 111

    That is one lovely looking car there mate! Ford are making some beauties nowadays, so many motors on my wishlist, yours included :)
  5. First Car! First Ford! Fiesta Zetec S

    Very nice motor you got there Noor! Keep us posted on the 'festa', my old man has the same model in red and is trying very hard not to let me get my hands on it after he caught me looking at lowering kits online one day ;) K&Ns are always a safe bet, put an induction kit on my escort and it may just be cause it sounds nicer but it feels more responsive too. I'm sceptical about these chips too, especially on a petrol car, made a decent difference chipping my tdi mondeo but diesels usually do. Anyway, welcome to the club :D
  6. New To This!

    You say that but I'm not getting more than 30 to the gallon the way I drive in my escort so I doubt I'd notice much difference. And I'm getting fed up with sitting in damp seats, waiting 10 minutes before I can set off anywhere whilst I clear the car and she warms up and all of the other lovely comforts that come with owning a 23 y/o convertible haha! Shouldn't be my daily, luckily I can walk to work but I don't have anything else to take out on a weekend at the minute. Plus those BBS's have got me dreaming ;)
  7. New To This!

    http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/48766-ford-meet-just-off-j17-m25/ Check this one out if you fancy coming down for it, about an hour away for you I reckon?
  8. Newbie With An Xr4X4I

    I didn't realise there even was a Scorpio Cossie! Shows my ignorance I guess... Nice work man, great to see someone interested in their older Fast Fords. Might seem like a really childish question, but which is quicker, the capri or the sierra? I'm guessing the Capri can be a bit of a handful in the corners?
  9. New To This!

    Ah fair enough, I'm very quick to suggest stuff for other peoples cars but not sure I'd have the balls to do that to mine. Haven't seen it done myself that I can remember. You had me looking at ST's yesterday, I could do with something a little more 'winter friendly' than my battered cabbie! Whereabouts in Cambridgeshire you based mate? Interested in bringing her to any meets/shows?
  10. New To This!

    The ST170 looks grand man. Might be a strange suggestion, but have you thought about smoothing out the boot lid? I'm quite into modifying and I reckon a smoothed out Focus would look sweet. Nice rims, great choice! Love the father and son thing too, my old man is a big ford man, trying to get him signed up on here :)
  11. Newbie With An Xr4X4I

    Welcome to the club! Looks like a wicked collection you've got there, I'm mega jealous! You planning on doing much work to the Sierra?
  12. Thought I'd contribute to this as I've nearly been caught out with this myself. I have had to add 'business use' to my own insurance as my company have included a similar clause in the making of mileage claims, to say you declare that you have it and any claims may be cancelled or even recalled if they find out otherwise! Another point worth mentioning is that my contract states that although I have a base office I may be required to travel to other locations, and we have another office around 25 miles away which I commute to around once a month. As commuting is considered 'to and from a single place of work' I was technically driving uninsured the first few times, and had to pay an admin fee in addition to hiking up my payments to add the business use after the policy had started (paying monthly sucks huh!) The increase was quite significant due to my age, apparently 21 y/o's in XR3is are considered a 'high risk' :P
  13. Hi All, Having some difficulty establishing the source of an electrical fault which means I currently only have one brake light on my cabbie. The near side brake light is out, however when I swap the bulbs over left to right the bulb is fine on the other side, and the nearside still doesn't come on. I haven't double checked this, but as far as I'm aware both brake lights are on the same fuse, so I don't think that is the issue. I'm going to go round the car with a multimeter see if I can't find the problem, but I wondered if there were any common places, or if anyone has had an issue like this in the past? Cheers, Hawkeye
  14. Mk4 Xr3I Cutting Out - Lots

    My XR3i does cut out sometimes if I let the revs drop too quickly, ie if I'm coasting towards traffic lights without engine braking at all. Is this a similar thing? I'd be interested to see what replies you get, the only fix I have at the minute is to make sure I go down through the gears as I come to a stop, but I don't think this is doing my clutch any good! I'm looking at changing the fuel pump as I suspect mine could be something to do with not enough fuel getting through at low revs, not sure. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, let me know how you get on... Hawkeye
  15. Ford Meet Just Off J17 M25?!

    Great news, sounds like we should have a few coming down!