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  1. fiesta


    I put the front and back of the car up as I don't know if its a pre face lift model. So the back bumper is quite straight forward just got to change the centre bit and I take it I have to stick the side pieces on or something. I've seen some 4 door cars on Google with the side skirts on, so they must be aftermarket body kits then.

    If the st bumper is to tricky I might see if I can modify the front bumper so that its just a wire mesh front end where the number plate goes, With a zetec s style

  2. Ok I been looking for the last few weeks at body kits. I've got a 2012 fiesta titanium 4 door and I would like it to have a zetec s body kit. I cant seem to find out if the two door zetec s body kit will fit my 4 door especially side skirts and back bumper. I would like to use genuine ford stuff as in the past aftermarket body kits have been a rubbish and never fit right. If anyone could shed some light on this for me I would be most great full.

    Also on another note would a 2014 st front bumper go on my 2012 fiesta ????

  3. Thanks for the reply's I have been looking through the handbook to and there is no mention of waiting to start the car. Been talking to a few friends and they all said it's a thing of the past, but I'm still going to start car after a few seconds after turning the ignition on. Thanks for the heads up on leaving it to run for a short wile I will be doing that from now on.

  4. Hi just a little question, I've got a 1.4 tdci fiesta and it's the first diesel I've ever had. People keep saying to me to not start the car straight away and let it warm up first. I Forgot you had to do this with old diesel engine's from back in the day, but is it a thing of the past or do you still have to do this.


  5. Yeah the standard sounds good but just fancy a thumping system in the car as can't have the fast car anymore because of the kids. Showing my son how to do doughnuts' in a car park with him on my lap is a bad influence lol :driving: . So if I can't have to power in the engine I want it in the doors :D

  6. A wheel bearing is a simple fix and as I got it from maid dealer thought things would be straight forward how wrong was I. The spec car I got was to good to turn down. Got full leather and Sony stereo plus car is in black one of the best colours even though its a sod to keep clean.

  7. Well I got my new car three weeks ago and guess what it's getting fixed lol. When I test drove the car I noticed that a wheel bearing was gone on the passenger front. The sales person or kid should I say said it will get sorted before I pick it up as it was going to service department to get serviced anyway. Well Friday came day I get the car and wait for it....... Ring Ring sorry mate car is not going to be ready as the front wheel bearing takes longer then the back, car will be ready first thing Monday. 4pm Monday hi your car is ready sweet off I go. Was told by the kid wheel bearing was fine but the tyre was a bit eggy lol wtf.. New alloy on the front and once the tyre beds in after 100 miles it will be all good. Bull s*** alert, anyway just give me my car. Went back Sunday and let rip. I washed the car and it looked a mess where some !Removed! went over it with a mop all the paint looks like it's got scratches inside the door, wheel bearing sounds awful. Car got took in Tuesday wheel bearing is still not done and paintwork has still got to get detailed. Now Should I waste my time in making a compliant to ford or just wait for something magical to happen

  8. Hi thanks for the reply's going to upgrade my door Speakers and tweeters. Prob going to get Sony Speakers to match the stereo or pioneer also going to put a sub in the boot just got to try and find a stealth sub box. Went to my local car audio shop and they said they would not mind if I got the Speakers from eBay and they just fit it all in. I am not sure what mk my car is, Its a 2012 car with the Sony dab stereo

  9. Hi I have just got myself a fiesta titanium on a 12 plate and love it even thought I traded my pride and joy e46 to get it. I have the Sony dab head unit in the car with all the bluetooth stuff ; - ). The only thing that bugs me is the crappy Speakers in the car. I know there are six Speakers in total but just want to know what size they are. I want to put mid's in the doors without affecting the door cars if possible and a little sub in the boot to give it a bit of bass. I don't want to start cutting up the door cards just want to bolt the biggest I can straight in. Any advice on what are good but not mega expensive.

  10. Welcome to the family Ben. Remember, when it comes to tinting you need to allow the correct amount of light through the front windows, or you will be looking at points and fine :)

    Thanks for the advice jeebowhite, I'm only going to get a smoked tint on the front like my bmw. I just think 5 door cars look odd with tints on the back doors and not the front. I might get the back to match the front so it all looks the same

  11. Hi my name is ben and I've just got myself a ford fiesta titanium that I hope to pick up on monday. I have not had a ford since way back when I had a escort zetec lx. Was a bit sceptical about getting another ford as I'm currently driving a 318i bmw, but as the bmw is on a 02 plate with 141000 miles on the clock thought it was time to get a new car. The fiesta that I've got is a 2012 titanium 1.4 tdci, it has full leather sony stereo with 22000 on the clock. I would probably like to upgrade the stereo as I love my tunes. Ideally I would like to put a small stealth sub in boot and upgrade the door Speakers. Plus would like to tint the front windows to match the back. Anyway looking forward to getting the car and joining in on this forum


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