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  1. Strut brace added to help strengthen up those new turrets.
  2. Smoked ST170 headlights finally wired in. Looks better I think :)
  3. Big thanks to Jim and Ryan Gibbs at SCS for sorting out the map on my car today. Epic job all round!
  4. It's RWD. Yes, carbon took a while to get right, but happy the way they turned out.
  5. Tezza, check your PM messages bud

  6. Hello? Any moderators about to move the thread if possible???
  7. Can this thread be moved to the projects section?
  8. Cochyn

    FAO Tezza

    Check you inbox 🙂
  9. Been a while, but she’s still about. ???????
  10. I go down to Peterborough frequently, also attend Ford Fair every year. Otherwise, its Ring trips and european shows too. The shell was converted by Andrew Gallacher Motorsport (google him, you'll all know his cars). Then the rest is me ;)
  11. I disagree, why mess with perfection ;) Nurburgring and Gatebil stickers are a must I'm afraid, branding of where its laid down rubber on group A RL7's wheels ;) Its REAL wheel drive (RWD)
  12. I'm new, here's a link to my car. Cheers, Al