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  1. Hello All, I have a v reg mk5, and every now and again when I'm out and about the front brakes seem stick on. It's like the pads are not retracting properly, so when I pull away from some lights say there's a little groan and it struggles to get off the line. After a while or if I park up and come back they are fine and all works as it should . Does anyone have any ideas on possible causes? Car has only done 48k miles and recently passed an MOT. Cheers..
  2. Fiesta Heater Stuck On Hot

    Hi Stephen, I've actually fixed mine now. What i did was buy a new heater control panel from a breakers and removed the circuit board from behind the temperature knob and put it in my panel. The panel i bought was slightly different to the one i had so rather than replace the whole panel this was easier. Regarding the multimeter, what i did was remove the power connector from the valve under the bonnet, plug the probes into the 2 contacts and switch the engine on. Then went and put the dial on cold, in the middle and hot and took a note of the readings. The multimeter should be on 20v. From what i can gather form the internet there should be no volts on hot, it should pulse when in the middle and should be on 12v when on cold.. hope that helps..
  3. Fiesta Heater Stuck On Hot

    Ok, bought a multimeter and plugged it into the power connector. When the knob is on cold it reads 9v, in the middle it pulses from 9-13, and on hot it reads 13-14, that's not right is it? Do I need a new control panel do you think? Cheers..
  4. Fiesta Heater Stuck On Hot

    Hi All, I know this is a common topic, but I'm stuck. The heater in my 2000 Fiesta was not working (only blowing cold) so I bought a new valve from ebay. I fitted it today and now all I get is hot air, even with the fan off I can still feel it coming at me. Could this be faulty as I went for the cheap version from ebay? Or could it be the control panel inside the car? I tried it put an uncapped bulb onto the power connector with the engine turned on and slowly turned the dial from cold to hot to test (don't have a voltage meter). The bulb didn't light at all but I don't know if this is conclusive.. Or does any one have any other ideas. Thanks in advance :)