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  1. Head Unit Display Stays On

    Hello, I have just noticed that my standard head unit in a 2009 fiesta titanium is now staying on when I take the keys out of the ignition. If the radio is on and I take the keys out, it stays on. If the radio is off and just shows the time and date when I take the keys out, this also stays on. Even after locking the car. So now, when I park up, I have to turn the radio off (so that only the time and date is displayed) then turn the car off. At which point the display stays on after locking. Is this something others have experienced? Is it in need of a "control alt delete" by disconnecting the battery for while? Thanks
  2. Air Intake Hose

    Many thanks for the response, its put my mind at ease!! Just wondering what you meant by the engine being a PSA engine? Thanks again
  3. Air Intake Hose

    Hell all, I'm new to this forum and having just picked up a fiesta thought I would write a post to hopefully help me out. I have a 1.6 tdci titanium, 2009 model. The problem that I have noticed is that when I was changing the old air filter for a new k&n replacement panel filter, I noticed that the hose that goes from the air box to the engine (being the small hose that comes off the larger hose) has a lot of oily residue over it. The end furthest from the air box is a simple push fit with a clip attachment, and this seems wobbly/a bit lose. I am just wondering if this is normal? What normally runs down this hose? Or, should this little hose have a very tight fit at this clip end? Many thanks for any help