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  1. Happy Birthday Tonystop!

  2. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Glad you like it, well worth the wait. I have had 23 cars in over 24 years of driving, this could be the best one yet!
  3. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Enjoy and put up some pictures. The wait will be worth it!
  4. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Hi Billy Welcome to the forum. I went for DAB, Convenience Pack (Keyless entry, power start, folding mirrors), automatic air conditioning & privacy. I stayed with the 16's but I agree that the 17's look better. I came from a fabia vrs where the ride quality was shocking. The ride quality and handling are great on the 16's but it might be worthwhile to get a test drive with 17's on so that you can make an informed decision. Whatever you choose though its a cracking car. MPG will improve I am getting 40mpg at the moment but the engine has only 250 miles on the clock. Tony
  5. New Car Tomorrow

    Thanks again for the kind comments. :)
  6. Dab Radio Fiesta Mk7.5

    It is a £100 option I am afraid. To fully check press the RADIO button, press the left arrow button to display the available wavebands. If you DAB fitted DAB1 or DAB2 should show.
  7. New Car Tomorrow

    Here is the Fiesta Zetec S 16" and privacy. Wish I had gone for the 17's now but I hopefully I can upgrade at a future date. Tony
  8. New Car Tomorrow

    Had the car 24 hours now, and all my expectations have been met. It rides and handles so much better than the Fabia Vrs, simply leagues ahead. Build quality is great and real feeling of quality in the cabin, and noise levels are very good indeed. Love the driving position and the seats are so supportive. Currently getting 40mpg but i expect this to improve once the mileage increases. Can't quite believe that I only have a 1 litre engine feels much a larger engine, great torque from 1500rpm. Will post some pictures soon, weather not too great and it needs a clean already! Thanks for the warm welcome. Tony
  9. New Car Tomorrow

    I pick up my White Fiesta Zetec S tomorrow and I can't wait. I have had lots of cars, I have had two Fiesta Chicane's which were special editions of the Zetec, both were brilliant as well in 1.4 16v guise. I had also a Zetec S (2001) in red and this was fun as well. Just come from a Fabia Vrs mk2 so I am going to be slightly down on power, but I found the ride too hard too be honest, I am getting older now so need something a bit more refined over the bumps without harming the fun factor. By all account the Fiesta is the best handling and riding super mini bar none. I cant wait to have a grin on my face again when driving. Will post some pics when I get it buts its white, didn't go for the 17's though so standard on the 16's. I might find with hindsight that I will regret this lack of upgrade, but we will see how the ride is on the 16's. However have gone for privacy, DAB, automatic air conditioning, and convenience pack which adds keyless entry and start as well as folding mirrors. Bye for now Tony
  10. Is It Worth It ?

    Hi, new to the forum. This looks a good deal if you use all the options that are fitted on the car. If you do then its a top spec car. The car will be a bit more desirable when you come to sell it. I have just ordered a new ZS and got a good deal, however, what swayed me against getting 2nd hand was that the finance using Ford was so much cheaper than buying used were the APR is at a higher rate. So if you are buying with cash then offer a bit below their asking price and you have a bargain. If going with finance try and use a bank and get the APR down to the lowest you can, or get the dealer to match their new car rate