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  1. Mot!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Mike T, Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your responce. The mechanic at the garage was obviously wearing a mask when he told the wife, " i cant pass your MOT because you have no lights on your number plate. To fix it you will need to have your entire car rewired!" So going by what you said Mike, i looked in the boot behind the number plate and all i had to do was to reconnect a wire that had come out, which took a few seconds. I (not the wife this time) ;) took the car back and he passed the MOT and didnt mention anything about wiring! Thanks for your advice Mike T you saved my wife and i a lot of money. Kind regards Wayne
  2. Mot!!!!!!!!!

    Afternoon all, I have just had a call from the misses saying the her ford focus (same as mine but in green) hasnt passed the MOT due to her number plate lights (front and back) not working. Apparently bulbs have been changed and fuses. What could be the problem? Thanks Wayne
  3. Rattling Noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Morning Guys, Have any of you heard of the term 'Pinking'? My father in law says it from the sound of it its that. Whats Pinking? Wayne
  4. Rattling Noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cheers James
  5. Rattling Noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stef i truly hope your right! It only had an MOT done last month and passed with no adviseries, so im hoping your right! Where is the 'heatshield' located - going to have a look to see if its loose. Cheers mate Wayne
  6. Rattling Noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I have noticed a slight but irritating ratlling noise when i pull off and sometimes when driving. The noise sounds like its coming from the front of the car. Im worried that this could be an indication that my clutch is on the way out. Wayne :(
  7. Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep gonna takle this today. Was surprised that the ONLY place to get the seal from is Ford! Thanks Wayne
  8. Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to view my paost Jamie, but no it doesnt have air con so dont think the problem can be blocked tubes Thanks Wayne
  9. Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks this post helped me a lot. Ive picked up a replacement cover from a scrappy and will be picking up the seal from ford today at a cost of £15.95 including VAT, which i thought was kinda high. But needs must so will be picking it up at lunch time today. Thanks again Wayne
  10. Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is there anything i need to know when removing the Pullen filter Cover? For example are there any hidden screws or clips that i need to be mindful of? Thank you Wayne
  11. Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep just had a look and the plastic black cover and its not gripping the windsreen as tight as it should be! When i had my service done its clear they didnt put it back properly and also broke some clips! Any idea what the black plastic cover that grips the windsreen is called? and where a can buy a replacement one from? Many thanks Wayne
  12. Morning All, When i got into my car this morning i noticed that on the passeneger side foot mat there was a small pool of rain water. So as you do i checked the windows for leaks etc. I then put my hand where the blower for the heater is and noticed it was slightly wet. Im at work now but on my lunch break will see if i can find out where this rain water is coming in from. In the meantime does anyone have any idea about; 1. Where the rain water could be coming through from? & 2. What can i do to prevent this from happening again? As always thanks for your time and advice. Wayne
  13. Brake Calliper Paint

    Cheers James will have a go next week and report bk
  14. Brake Calliper Paint

    Looking good James. I think i'll do mine next week weather permitting. Quick question though...........my rear drums are rusty. Do i need to clean them first or can i just apply the paint over the rust colored drums? Thanks Wayne
  15. Loss Of Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers Bruce after looking at both links will get two full sets. Nice one!