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  1. I am hoping that someone on here will be able to save my sanity! :P I have a Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.25l which has gone from nicely behaved car to demon child in the last year or so. Basically, the car alarm goes off every time we unlock and then open either the driver or passenger doors. At first this was happening when the weather was frosty but now it just seems to happen randomly. We had the car into the dealer last year to see if they could fix it and they had a look at the electrics in the driver's door. They made some changes (apparently!) but this did not seem to solve the problem. We were then advised to just use the passenger door to unlock the car which we managed to do without any probs until just recently and now the alarm goes off when we unlock either of the two front doors. The car is due to go back to the dealer next week to see if the alarm can be disarmed as we are now having to leave the car unlocked unless we know we aren't going to need it for a while. As we both leave for work at around 6 in the morning, incurring the wrath of the neighbours has left us with shot nerves every time we have to drive somewhere! As the alarm is factory fitted, I am not convinced that it can be disconnected and I wondered if anyone had any experience of this at all. I also think that the problem may lie in the door electrics yet and again wonder if anyone has had such a repair carried out. I couldn't see that this topic had been posted elsewhere, however, I apologise if I am repeating old issues! With many thanks in advance, From a woman contemplating getting a bike!