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  1. Are most of these hatchback related as I have an estate with water leak
  2. Ski stick they rang me today saying it is coming in from the roof rails the silver ones so I will update once beeen told more
  3. I only had 2 bolts on mine as per picture what car year and model do you have or a photo of the bracket you took off thank you
  4. Leave the thing off it’s more trouble that’s it’s worth starter motor will not last long at all
  5. Hi mk3 focus 2015 estate after hopefully finding where water is getting in if I remove the 2 bolts in the picture will this then allow me to move the bracket out from that position or will the strut expand more I want to clean it behind reseal then retighten etc with silicone behind it I am also going to put ptfe tape on the bolts as that must be where the water is getting in also do these have a rubber seal behind?
  6. You may also perform a "Master Reset". 1. press the "AUX" button to sync 2. press the "MENU" button 3. scroll to "SYSTEM SETTINGS" and press "ok" 4. use the "SEEK" button to find "ADVANCED" and press "ok" 5. use the "SEEK" button to find "MASTER RESET" and press "ok 6. sync will display "CONFIRM RESET" and press "ok" SYNC WILL THEN TALK TO YOU WHEN YOU TRY TO CONNECT AND PROVIDE YOU WITH THE 6 DIGIT NUMBER TO PAIR YOUR PHONE, ENTER THIS INTO YOUR PHONE AND YOU WILL BE READY TO TALK ON THE ROAD!
  7. To reset the car You will need to put the vehicle in the on position with the engine off. Turn on the dipped beam. Then press five times on the rear fog light button, next press three times on the hazard button. After that the battery icon on the dash should flash three times.
  8. This happened to me I did a battery reset
  9. I have just had another look with a helper lol i poured water over the light assembly it’s to low from the leak but was not leaking got my head up and my helper poured water over the strut bracket and seemed to leak I could see drips my question the second photo down from the top the strut brackets holded on by 2 bolts can I just unscrew the bolts lift the bracket away put silicone behind or will the strut open more thank you
  10. It is coming from Inside the compartment area on the righy down the plastic where the light is on the right and down the compartment flap next to the cigarttte light there is a gap in the trim
  11. Ok i have had a look and I believe the water is coming through higher than the light cluster I think it’s annoying I only just got itv able from an air con leak at least it’s under warranty
  12. hi all after hopefully fixing my air bin leak I have found another issue water leaking in to my boot see photos as you can see the water please it’s bing through the light area and down on to the compartment flap then under the boot liner anyone aware of this only thing I can think of is the second photo of the strut bracket is where it’s getting in from any ideas thank you in advance
  13. Hi I recently purchased some roof bars original Ford it’s for a 2015 estate flush rail it says in the instructions to tighten to 4nm with the provided key how tight is this in old school as the key provided don’t click when reaching the pressure thank you
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