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  1. Intercooler Pipe / Egr Un Resolved!

    typically, whilst driving it to the garage today, it wasn't quite as bad as it was the day before, however its still in and I'm yet to hear from them. however what your saying about the EGR and manifold becoming clogged up does sound very logical. I'm hoping that this Is the only problem else my credit card is going to jump up and slap me in the face!
  2. Intercooler Pipe / Egr Un Resolved!

    unfortunately today it took a turn for the worst, and is borderline impossible to even pull away in 1st, lots of black smoke. gear changes must be at a higher RPM or it will almost stall! The car is completely unmodified 2006 130bhp td euro4, looking at the service record, the "turbo pipe" was changed last year, however im also suspicious that the car was used as a "school run" car, by the last owner, could this have clogged the EGR up? fortunately, there is a small garage in my village that I hear has a mechanic who used to work for FORD, so im hoping this will resolve the issue. when its fixed, I will let you know the outcome!
  3. Hi all Iv lost my old post regarding this! However thanks to all who commented, I have taken my Mondeo 130 tdci to a mechanic hoping he would say it was a split intercooler pipe causing the bad economy, lack of low end power and smoke. however he said he cant find any splits in any pipes, and his plug in computer couldn't find anything wrong either. Has anybody got any further suggestions? it still pulls like a train once it gets to 2000rpm however its gutless until then. any feedback is much appreciated!
  4. Hi all Recently purchased an 06 mondeo tdci 130 euro 4, 80.000 miles on the clock. having a couple of problems with the engine, wondered if anybody on here had had similar experiences? -black smoke under power -jerky at low speed -stalls very easily -terrible fuel economy -turbo whistle -unresponsive shame considering it was a good car at first, and I have heard good reviews about them, currently proving to be about as much use as a rubber nosed woodpecker in a pitch pine forest though! any help would be greatly appreciated.